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Firebase Zulu Security Detail; misleading badge hint

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Before unlocking it, the progress meter for the Firebase Zulu Security Detail badge tells you to "Spend an hour in the Shadow Shard."  However, the time for the badge meter seems to only count in Firebase Zulu itself and not the rest of the Shadow Shard.  Last night while running numbers on my build and doing auction stuff I camped out in Storm Palace in an effort to earn the badge (I prefer the purple skies there) but was disapointed to find that after 25 minutes of sitting on a random rock near the palace itself I made no progress at all.  I propose either the badge hint be updated to make it clear that it only counts in Firebase Zulu or (preferably) that all four zones count for the badge and not just Firebase Zulu.

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Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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