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Okay, so WOW!  Episode 1 was incredibly impressive, and Episode 2 kept that ball rolling.  Although there were a few stereotypes overplayed on the show, overall, I'm very impressed with what they've done.  Great effects, good acting, strong script with one or two twists, and a unique take on the Superman mythos:  this didn't feel like TV, and it certainly didn't feel like typical CW Arrowverse fare. 


Me likey.  And that's saying something, as I'm not a huge Superman fan.  I'll watch the works the character is in, but I tend to like heroes with one power pushed to the limits, rather than a smorgasbord of abilities that make the character OP and ironically seem dull.  I've seen several reactions now, and I think what everyone is impressed about is how human the show feels.  It's just not a pure slugfest (though the fights are there).


Spoiler talk:


I'm agreeing with several reactors and commenters on YouTube:  it feels like the twins will discover the powers manifest only when they're in proximity to each other.  I'm wondering if Jordan will prove to be the weapon, and Jonathan the ammo, or in this case, the solar battery.  In some unexplained fashion, so far, he releases an AOE energy effect that Jordan absorbs and converts.  If so, I suggest the super names Assault (Jordan) and Battery (Jonathan), though I doubt Clark would approve.


Another speculation I've read and that I previously considered on my own is that perhaps "hologramps" Jor-El might be corrupted by the Brainic program, and giving false diagnostics as a result.


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Episode 3:



Noticing the powers only surface when Jonathan is within several yards of Jordan.  Wondering what will happen if Jonathan isn't present at a football game for some reason.


Also, I join my voice with many others on the internet:  the writers need to be careful about Jordan's outbursts.  It's already grating on viewers nerves.  If it continues weekly, they'll lose viewership. 


I'm also not certain the writers have got Jordan's medical condition right with these outbursts.  Not a medical type, so I looked it up and what the show claims he has should manifest as extreme shyness and a preference to not be around others, not pitching a constant fit and trying to fit in with social groups.


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On 3/11/2021 at 9:30 PM, Haijinx said:


Sadly I hate superman.


Actually, I'm towards that viewpoint as well.  I always saw the character as ridiculously OP, especially when they started adding a ludicrous number powers to him. (I mean, in the comics he has super ventriloquism!)


That said, I'd seen Tyler Hoechlin play him on the crossovers, and decided to give it a chance.  Tyler and the writers have brought a fresh take (so far) on the character so far, which is far more about the family life and very "human" side of Clark Kent, who happens to wear the mantle of Superman, than it is about Kryptonian Kal El wearing the guise of mild mannered (unemployed) reporter Clark Kent.  Although I can see a few ways this could quickly unravel into poor writing, so far, they're doing a great job.  One of the compliments I'm often reading is: "this is a CW show?"


Episode 5:


Still trying to get a handle on the Kevin and Lana dynamic.  The way their daughter talks, it sounds like Kevin was highly abusive, but other than a stubborn, snarky attitude and some moments of drunkenness,  the reasons don't seem to make sense to me. Yet.  Kevin doesn't come across as a bad guy, just a guy making very bad decisions, while at least being a great firefighter.


Jonathan's rant feels like the first one on the show that has any justification.  And his gf breaking up with him over the phone, in the middle of the school day when he's still got classes he needs to focus on?  Very selfish move. 


Still wondering why Clark hasn't flown Jonathan to the Fortress of Solitude to meet the A.I. of his grandfather.  First, he should be tested, regardless of what they think he doesn't have, and second, left unchecked it shows a serious amount of favoritism.


Love that they wrote Jordan to take the high ground with his brother.  That drunken interference to his date in the hands of lesser writers would have led to a brawl.  Instead, he guides the situation.  Very Clark Kent-ish.


In the "Derek" storyline:  I don't think the scenario is that humans have gained Kryptonian powers, as I've seen several comments elsewhere.  Derek's comments during the battle with Kal El suggest a different scenario: that Kryptonians have survived in some non-corporeal state and are now trying to inhabit human hosts, likely the recently deceased, but are having problems stabilizing some of the mergers.  Unquestionably, the Kryptonian material found in the mines plays into this somehow.


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I'm with youtuber Steve Shives: this is the best version of Superman in years!


Hey, look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a guy who gives a shit about anyone but himself!



Sorry about the covid hiatus, looking forward to them resuming.

My only criticism is that Clark should give himself a heat-vision shave on his way to appear as Superman.

"Wait, if you take the glasses off of Clark...  And did you notice Superman stopped shaving right when Kent was fired?"

Disclaimer: Not a medical doctor. Do not take medical advice from Doctor Ditko. Also, not a physicist. Do not take advice on consensus reality from Doctor Ditko. But games? He used to pay his bills with games. (He's recovering well, thanks for asking!)

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19 hours ago, RMS33 said:


I may give it a chance this month. But Supe's 5 O'Clock shadow has to go.  😛  😄  


Listen, there were only so many aspects of the character they could bring to screen and it came down to a choice between 5 o'clock shadow or weekly displays of his super-ventriloquism power.  I, for one, embrace the shadow.


While I'm thinking about it, doesn't Mister Mxyzptlk appear like clockwork after every 90 days?  I'm curious to see if that is going to be a problem added to the juggling act.

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I finally saw the pilot. 


The cinematography was great.  The show looks very good.


I like the actress for Lois.  The relationship between Lois and Clark is great.


I did not like the teenagers.  I did not like the plot about moving back to Smallville.  I did not like how slow paced the whole thing was - shocking for a CW superhero show.


Overall I did not care for it.  It is a pilot, so I try not to judge by that.  I will watch another episode to see if it appeals to me.  My wife, on the grasping hand, really liked it.  So she may watch it by herself.

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