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My best friend, Tufa-Detritus, died last year in January. He -loved- this game. He was originally Hefty Smurf on Live, but lost his name and became Tufa-Detritus instead.  He had an odd character design, he was highly dependent on blue 'paint chips' (inspirations) - but my character, Sable Dream wasn't, so I would feed them to him as we played.  Fun!  I lost him while I was visiting family over Christmas, the first time in literally decades I didn't get a chance to visit him.  His passing was a blow.  I remember on Live he set up two versions of Tufa-Detritus with different spellings and he would mess with people that recognized him.  My favorite was when he claimed to have swum over, that there was a hole you could get through - and a bunch of people took off to find it.  He did almost the same thing in Warburg when he did a quick logoff/logon and switched sides...  Was pretty funny!


Ah, Riiich, I miss you here and IRL.

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RIP.  Never knew him but RIP all the same.

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AE SFMA Arcs: Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part One. (Arc id 26756) | Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part Two. (Arc id 26952) | Dark Deeds in Galaxy City: Part Three. (Arc id 27233) 

Darker Deeds: Part One (Arc id 28374) | Darker Deeds: Part Two. (Arc id 28536) Darker Deeds: Part Three. (Arc id 29252) | Darkest Before Dawn: Part One (Arc id 29891) |

Darkest Before Dawn: Part Two (Arc id 30210) Darkest Before Dawn: Part Three (Arc id 30560) | Bridge of Forever ( Arc id 36642)*The Cassini Division (Arc id 37104)*The House of Gaunt Saints (Arc id 37489)*


*Pre War Praetorian Loyalist.

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