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General Feedback: Issue 27, Page 2

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4 hours ago, Apparition said:


Yes, it is.  Interface effects only stack up to four times, so having more than four of the same Interface type on a team is a waste.  Being able to see what Interface abilities your teammates are using is helpful, so you can switch to a different one if need be.  It would also let you see if your teammate(s) switched Interface abilities as everyone should at least have two.  All with a quick glance without having to take the time to ask.


All something that can be coordinated among the team before the mission starts.  Seriously, who is going to be swapping interfaces on the fly?  You want all of that sorted out and locked down before the fighting starts anyway.  Besides, if you're just going off of a "quick glance" and not actually communicating, when you see that five of you have the same Interface, who's to say that four of you won't swap to something else, leaving you with only one of the original and likely bulking up somewhere else.


Of course the simple solution is to add more settings to the Options menu. We already have some limited control for what icons get displayed in the personal, group, and pet status windows.  More customization here would go a long way to making these more useful for everyone.

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