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FIXED: Graveyard Shift; Mission 3; final room.

Glacier Peak

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There is an odd thing going on with the fog on the floor of this room. It may be due to the fog, or may not, but either way something causes a short bit of lag/shutter, almost as if a texture is on top of half of my character and the game doesn't know where to place them when they are moving. I guess the best way to describe this is if you go in to this room and try to jump or run around in the fog before fighting these enemies (assuming you have stealth). They aren't frame drops, my FPS remains consistent - it is just a weird stutter that happens when walking anywhere on the concrete floor in the last room. It honestly made it unplayable unless I used a jetpack to stay above everything. That being said, I don't want to assume that it is the fog texture on the floor, it may be something unrelated like the travel speed cap increases or something else entirely.




Similar experience from @Gigaburger as stated in this thread: 


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