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In the AE, the Civilians faction contains both "ordinary" nameless NPC civilians, the likes of which we see wandering around the world, and lots of "named" NPCs like Amanda Vines and Tsoo Tattoo artists, Baby New Year and other such creatures.


The problem is that there is a "Random" selection which picks from all of these entities and uses it to populate a Rescue objective, for example. It is much more likely to grab a named entity than one of the unnamed generic ones which usually is the ones you actually want.


I suggest the creation of a new Civilians group which only contains the unnamed NPCs, and a random selector, so we can have random civilians show up in our missions without having to face the risk of seeing Tsoo tattoo artists or Baby New Year where they don't belong.


I don't think changing the current group is a good idea, because that would possibly break existing missions, so the creation of a new "clean" group is probably best.

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