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Help Name the 17th Anniversary Badge!

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4 hours ago, Kallisti said:

Vaccinated 🙂



Or Plandemic

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I always liked how the ones from while the game was live suggested that you were good at partying. The post-live ones tend to emphasize our staying power, and that's totally warranted (especially a few years), but in the spirit of some of the classic ones...






Toast of the Town


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Here's a good place to check to see if the name you're suggesting is already taken:


I'd like to suggest "Thriving", from the word "thrive" which means "1. to prosper; be fortunate or successful  2. to grow or develop vigorously; to flourish".

Given all that the new devs have done in the past year, I'd say that we've definitely been "growing and developing vigorously"!


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"The world threw sticks and stones, lightning and thunder. Through disaster and grief and every sling, arrow, and outrageous fortune, you've carried on, surviving, overcoming, Bloodyminded in your determination to celebrate."


This may be a bit much for some players, but I like it.

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13 hours ago, Easter Bunny said:

Well. Wedding anniversaries aren't going to be a good source of inspiration here. The traditional wedding anniversary gift for 17 years is furniture. 😐

Ikea?  It's one word.  😉


Suggesting either "Hardy" or "Unquenchable".

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7 hours ago, chicklit said:



Sums up the year and the game. 


5 hours ago, one eye archer said:



6 hours ago, Blue Roses said:




3 hours ago, Tacheyon said:







Can players please check their suggestion doesn't already exist as a badge in game? You're just wasting your own and the devs time otherwise.



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If you set a man a flame, you keep him warm for a day. If you set a man aflame, you keep him warm for the rest of his life.

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6 hours ago, SyphonFilter said:

The Awakened.


And have the badge look like a silver cicada.


I love every thing about this.


Oh, and also, my suggestion:  Ongoing

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