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Sonic Resonance: the support set with a hole


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It's something that's bugged me since live, Sonic has almost nothing against psionic damage. Other support sets have weaknesses or small holes, like Thermal having low cold resist and no psi resist either, but thermal can cover that with its heals. Sonic does have a few things to use against sources of psi damage: Sonic Cage the threat but that just delays one source of damage and will make your team hate you; Sonic Repulsion which will also make your team hate you; and Liquefy which has a long cooldown so it won't be available reliably. I think it's fine for individual armor sets to have damage-type holes since you know about that when you make your character and you can take steps to mitigate it, but having your support just go "welp sorry guys they have psi damage I can't really do much against that" just sucks.


My suggestion is adding some psi resist to Clarity, maybe 15~20%; it would still be kinda weak against psi-heavy groups with a low value and because you would have to keep Clarity up but its better than nothing, which is what Sonic has right now.

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