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How to import your mids build straight onto BETA (By Xhiggy)

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Okay so a genius PVPer by the name of Xhiggy has made a bot that lets you upload your mids build to beta. Here's how it works:


Step 1:
Join the PVP Discord: 


Step 2:
Look for the bot called "PVPBot". It should be on the right near the mods.


Step 3:

DM the PVP Bot your mids build. (The actual  .mxd file)

Make sure you type "!popmenu" in the message without quotations as you send it. Like in the gif, below.




Step 4:
Take the "menu.mxd" file it gives you and put it in:

(Or whatever the path name is for your installation)


Step 5
In game. Type "/macro mxd "popmenu mxd" and press enter. Congrats, you now have a macro that:

-Imports all the IOs from your build straight into your enhancement tray:

-Autolevels you to 50

-Unlocks all the patrons/accolades.




All hail Xhiggy for putting this together. It's a life saver.


(Note for PVPers: You'll still have to buy the PVP accolades from the arena store.)

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Question it states it -Autolevels you to 50....do you still have to go to a trainer and pick you powers and place slots? I.E, train up 50 times?

I suspect the answer is yes, and I in no way mean to belittle this option.


However, you can already level to 50 with the jerkhack menu on beta. This will also unlock patrons, travel powers, etc

And Mid's Reborn has a feature to export all of your builds enhancements to your toon. It's called Export to Beta.


I only mention these thing to show all this can easily be done already without Discord for those of us that don't use it. 

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55 minutes ago, Dahkness said:

I need help! I found my CoH folder but when I go into the data folder its blank.  How would i find the "texts\English\menus" part?

Create a folder Data in called "texts"

In texts create a folder called "English"

In English create a folder called "menus"

Then copy the mxd file in menus:



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Ok cool, so I can instant level all my characters to level 50 eh?
(just kidding lol 😄)

No for real though this is HUGE for being able to quickly test out build theory on the beta server.  Thanks for making this @xhiggy and thanks for sharing this @America's Angel !
This is a huge game changer for many of us!

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1 hour ago, xhiggy said:

Thanks for sharing this and the type up, AA. Message me on discord or tag me here if you run into issues.


This is amazing and saves -so- much time. What takes longest is not leveling and adding slots but navigating the menus and pick the things we need one by one.


I have but one like to give.

@sovera in Everlasting - I love teaming up so hit me up.


Simple guide for newcomers. - Money making included among other things.


Fire Armor/Martial Arts: the Brunker - Altitis cure.

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