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Solo Tanker Super Highway

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Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone had made a sort of mission / contact map by level to allow a Solo Tanker to end up with NPC DPS adds along the way?  


I remember many missions which had add in NPC's (even found some frustrating).  That said it might change the grindy pace of a Tanker, and I was thinking about running one up.


Open to ideas.

Thank you,

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Tunnel Witches is good for solo. A single run is enough to reach level 12. I would probably do it until level 22 and then just start on comic con.


But think ahead and make a second account and level another farmer at the same time (both in the same team). Then in the future you can use it power level your alts.

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@sovera in Everlasting - I love teaming up so hit me up.


Simple guide for newcomers. - Money making included among other things.


Fire Armor/Martial Arts: the Brunker - Altitis cure.

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