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Sonic blast visual option: Music

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This is related to my suggestion to have music notes as an aura, but specifically for the sonic blast (and I guess potentially sonic resonance and maybe sonic manipulation sets).

That is simply to add an option in power customization that projects a flowy music staff with notes and other music notations, rather than just the (rather bland) ripples that sonic blast currently uses.

The assets already exist in game as seen when fighting Talons of Vengeance Sirens. That power animation is essentially what I'm asking for.


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3 minutes ago, Tyrannical said:

I'm game for this, the Sirens have 6 or 7 unique powers with these effects right? Plenty to work with.


(I'd also like the musical notes to be an option for Mind Control too)


Seven, according to Paragon Wiki. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Talons_of_Vengeance#Siren

A mix of ST range
d and cone attacks, with a PBAoE and a targeted AoE as well. Like you said, plenty to work with.

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