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Scrappers of Paragon - need some advice. 


Simply cannot decide on a scrapper (1st) to take to fiddy.  


I always play stalkers, but its time.  I'm torn between:



Dual Blades / Energy Aura - Lady Maria



Street Justice! / Willpower - WILSON FISK (no relation)



Titan Weapon / Ninjutsu - Nectobo


Are any of these power set combos that stand out to you experienced scrap-folk?

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My vote would be dual blades/energy scrapper. This is probably my favorite combo after dark melee/shield defense. 

Energy aura has all the bases covered as far as survivability goes and has endurance management and offensive bonus (+rech) to boot. Pairs very nicely with dual blades. 

Dual blades is a fantastic set in my opinion. Blinding feint + attack vitals is your bread and butter. Throw in typhoons edge for extra AoE and you are golden. 

Highly recommended. 

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DB/EA hands down from those choices EA even gets a nice recharge bonus should you ever decide to go for the high recharge max dps attack cycle and EA is just a great allround set for anything save maybe staff but that has more to do with staff then it has EA

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