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Wormhole causes flight


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I've discovered an odd quirk when using Wormhole from the Gravity Control powerset. Playing with macros, I set up a macro "Zoom" that is "powexeclocation max:up Wormhole". On a recent mission -- one of Harvey Maylor's 'On the Psychic Plane' arc, where you get sent to an outdoor mission on the long, narrow city map with skyscrapers to defeat all of the (Praetorian) demons, I used this macro on a spawn of three Demons. They were flung into the air... and two came down. Figuring that, with the tall building next to me, that one had landed on a ledge, I defeated the two that hit the ground, and flew up... to find the third standing quietly in midair:


Testing this through the remainder of the mission, I could fairly reliably expect to have about a 50% chance of one or more of the mobs flung in the air by Wormhole to have a Wile E. Coyote moment and forget to notice that they should be falling to the ground -- in one case, having all three of the Demons remain up in the sky where I'd flung them.


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