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Hi there,


With HeroStats no longer supported, I was wondering if there's any way to parse the combat tab data out of CoH in real time. For other games I used to play, this was done with an add-on called "ACT" or "Advanced Combat Tracker". https://advancedcombattracker.com/#  It has plugins for mmo games, like EQ2 and FFXIV. 


Was wondering if someone knows if it's possible to build a CoH plug-in for this tool, or similar other ones out there.

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Close but not quite =\  That one is for chats, not combat logs.


I'll have to test to see if the combat chat log timestamps in sec or microsec increments. Even then, I can't program worth squat so I wouldn't be able to do much with it.  good to know, though, ty.

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This is the closest I've seen around here:



IDK about running it real-time, but I have been meaning to mess around with it a bit.

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