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Save choices in popup menus as default

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Hi, popup menus like the ones in the Salvage and Map gui’s give us a choice of what/how to display options.

I always want my Salvage option to be displayed as Rarety and name descending. Especially for my Incarnate salvage!

That way when I get my end of mish/TF reward selection table, which coincidentally are also mostly offered by rarety and name descending order, I can open the Salvage gui and see exactly what I am missing or have least of, so can make a much more informed and quicker reward choice.

However at present I set that option as soon as I log in and yes it stays that way till I logout that alt. It then reverts to the the sort method that the Dev’s have set as default.

So I play this game on every alt every time I log one in

All I want is to set my preference on my alts and have it remembered until I may want to amend it.

We can do this for a lot of options so I assume this could be made to happen for those option menu’s?


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