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Keeping Domination active...i.e permadom


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So I am trying Doms again. And I think I found one I like. But am having trouble dropping domination.


I don't understand it, I put the auto thing on it.

I have more than enough recharge. But I will notice at certain times it still drops Dom and I have to rebuild.


So thought I would ask you Dom gurus how /what is best way to keep Dom active?

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If you are busy mashing keys, it can deter your auto from casting and since often the window for perma dom to cast is small (time wise) it can cause domination drops. I also sometimes lose domination while large or lengthy battles are going on. It is something I tend to have to conscious of. There are a few keybind text files you can create (google can help with that) that will assist in auto perma domination casting but many of them make me nuts due to the "wah wah" sound it's constantly making when attempting to cast while recharging. 

Hopefully someone else in here may have a better answer but I am not sure there is any "perfect" solution.

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First two replies pretty much covered it - if Domination is dropping it's because a) you were doing something else, b) got tagged by a -recharge debuff, provided you have enough recharge slotted.  It's also worth noting that if your build doesn't have perma-Hasten, the displayed recharge of Domination will actually be a little longer in-game than it is in a Mid's build since your global recharge drops for a few seconds.  That in combination with a recharge debuff could account for Domination dropping unexpectedly.


My preference is to leave Hasten on auto and hit Domination manually.  I like to have a good amount of overlap on Domination (5+ seconds- my main runs with permahasten which is like ~19s 😅) to make the most of its endurance refill.  When your opening salvo of big control + epic aoe + other big aoe uses like 60 endurance being able to put off Domination for a few seconds is very nice to refill off of the alpha strike. 


There is a very good shortcut for building Domination in the Villain Alignment Power, Frenzy, which can give you a free bar every 6 minutes.  The other much less sexy shortcut that I know of is to repeatedly start and interrupt a snipe power, preferably with Ageless (which is what I do).  But if you're leveling up and you know you're going back into a hard fight you can also just stock up on blues at the Hospital.   I find the Power Recharge Indicators to be useful as well as I don't have to guess when the powers will be recharged.

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I think it was mainly Arachanos that I was having the most problems. Adding some more -recharge resistance with next respec.

Going to try putting Hasten back on auto and move Dom to the key easiest to hit, also gonna do a bind power to movement.

5 hours ago, Machariel said:

There is a very good shortcut for building Domination in the Villain Alignment Power, Frenzy, which can give you a free bar every 6 minutes. 

For sure going to get that.


Thanks for the replies.

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Frenzy is a game changer for doms. All my characters are vigilante except for my doms that i will only play as villain alignment. 


When you have multiple powers that would benefit from auto status the movement binds can help but I don't use those. I just keep myself aware of when the auto needs to fire and unqueue powers. 


Sg base buff that provides +recharge is also very nice to have on doms because it gives you some more room to activate domination before a drop.


It is approx 128.75% global recharge to perma dom without needing to click hasten which is what i build my dominators up to. It lets you afk or whatever and still keep domination active without hasten. My plant/thorny dom is proc loaded and has less global recharge so i built that one to 108.75% global recharge which hits the aforementioned breakpoint with the sg base buff.


Having enough recharge to permadom without hasten also makes it so hasten is effectively recharge debuff resistance without needing to slot for that. I don't use recharge debuff resistance IOs on my dominators and don't feel like I am ever missing out on them. A controlled critter cannot apply recharge debuffs to you so higher natural recharge works better for me than recharge debuff resistance

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Been running tip missions today working to get frenzy. And yeah this guy will stay a villain.


I am finding you just get used to and get a feel for clicking Dom manually. Just one of those things that takes practice and experience I think.


I got 178ish global recharge so plenty of overlap.


Since I slotted 1 winter set already for other bonuses, that gave me 15% -recharge resist , tossed a spare slot in kick for another 15% and the Winters Gift global for 20%...for a total of 50% -recharge resist.


Edit: top line says doing tips for frenzy...I honestly have no idea what made me think that. But hey I got 40 merits!

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Yeah I like to take hasten and put that on auto and then put domination in the area where I'm most prone to click so usually next to the build up type power.  On top of hasten I shoot for another 85%-95% more recharge as a buffer in case I get preoccupied or hit with a -recharge debuff that those arach's have.  It's a good amount of recharge but not overkill so you have room to build in other things like defense, hp or w/e you like.  


But you're more slotted for recharge than my dom with the most which has 170%.  So likely repetition on the reclick and getting some defense to avoid those -recharge attacks.  

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7 hours ago, BlondeIntuition said:

I have a couple of bindloads set up to alternate domination and hasten when I press my movement keys. I never have to think about them once its rolling.

I do the same.  I also have it set up so hitting a number 1-6 on my first row fires the power and toggles which one is on auto just in case.

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