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A reason to not use Fiery Aura for a damage focused sent?

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I'm not a fan of Fiery Aura on Sentinels.  The mitigation is low, the damage pay off isn't worth it, and Consume isn't as strong as other end powers.  

That said, if this is something *you* think would be fun, then go for it.  There are some folks that have posted about Fiery Aura and actually enjoy it.  They may also like getting punched in their crotch, but we don't kink shame here.  

With Fire, if you're using Burn and Whirlpool get ready to be in melee a lot.  Then watch as enemies run from it (even if slowly).  By 35 you may want to give consideration to an AoE Immobilize to stop that annoyance.  Unlike Brutes/Tankers, Sentinels don't have aggro magnet abilities to keep enemies in the ground patches.  

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On my Fire builds I skip Temperature Protection, Consume, Burn and RotP. It leaves lots of room for pool powers. My build has ~25% defense to primary types, and ~45% resists. As long as you're not getting pummeled to hell, the heal is up often enough to patch you up.


If you're concerned with "maximizing" damage go with Bio. It doesn't sacrifice as much defense for it's damage bonus.

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4 hours ago, underfyre said:

On my Fire builds I skip Temperature Protection

Whoa.  On my final respecs for Fiery Aura alts I take Temp Protection at level 49 and slot it just enough to hold IOs.


18 hours ago, oldskool said:

get ready to be in melee a lot.

This might be the deal breaker for /fire.  Water is a pretty inward focused set with Tidal Power.  I thought that Molten Embrace would bump everything up


Welp, Water/regen it is

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I agree with @oldskool. Fiery Aura is a little underwhelming on Sentinels if you are looking for a great playing experience as opposed to something conceptual. Burn and Consume entice you into the melee but the set doesn't really offer you the mitigation to allow you to do so with any real comfort. 


My experience of Fiery Aura on a Sentinel was that if you're in a team with a good tank and pick your moment to jump in and out of melee, it's a nice set. I was disappointed with it from a self-sustaining point of view though, because for me that is the key attraction of a Sentinel - and ultimately, if you are reliant on something to hold your aggro for you, would you not rather just play a blaster?


I have fire/fire/fire versions in both Sentinel and Blasters, and there isn't a huge amount of difference in terms of survivability, Yes, the Sentinel has a bit better resists and the self-heal, but the blaster kills stuff much quicker so you have to face far fewer attacks. 

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The Endurance Drain protection on Consume is terribly nice.  Verrrry handy against Malta and the like, esp if you have enough recharge.

Healing Flames also comes with a +15% toxic resist that STACKS, and it's up pretty often. I've gotten 45% toxic resist constant from just that alone when on a Hydra-filled-map, and Cauterizing Aura is a nice reliable topper-offer.


All in all, I quite like Fiery Aura for Sents. 

Doesn't have Psi resist, but not hard to patch that with IO's. 


What it does not have.... At all... and you simply have to live with.... is absolutely zero Defense Debuff Resistance.

You can stack +Defense bonuses all day long take manuevers and weave, etc. But Cascade Failure *Will* be a threat you have to live with. 


I chose to stack mostly +Resist bonuses and take some +Def where i could fit it in.  For walking around defense, I only have like 20% melee / ranged / AE. Not everyone is going to be comfortable with that. But it puts within striking distance of softcap with some Luck's, and for sure easy if I'm with a Bubbler or Cold, or if enough people on the team are running Manuevers. (Fortitude is always nice to, but I tend to assume someone else will get the Fort's)

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