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Time Wall - Bug or WAI?


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Which IOs were you trying to put in? You say "damage set IOs," but that's not a thing on its own. Were they Ranged damage, targeted AOE, melee damage, snipe, ? (Or just the set/sets you tried.)


Edit: I see what you're talking about. Looking at the power in game, it's only taking Slow or Immobilize sets. Which, compared to (say) the /elec blaster secondary, is a much narrower set of IO sets (/elec's T1 immob takes ranged and universal damage.)


Not sure if there's a reason behind it, no.

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23 hours ago, twozerofoxtrot said:

Blaster > Temporal Manipulation > Time Wall


This power slots damage IOs, but not damage set IOs


I was confused by this, and not sure if it's working as intended or a bug. 

It's a bug, and it's fixed in Page 2 (per the Beta patch notes)



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