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Share your Puns/amusing Character Names

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Psyentist - Psy / SR / Psi sentinel wearing a lab coat. 


Ivy Burns - Poison / fire / soul defender whose battle phrase is "Sometimes poison burns ..."


Walk Softly - staff / EA / body stalker


Nockturnal - dark / TA corruptor


Tank the Stars Above - rad / SS / soul tank


Head Cold - ice / psi / ice dominator


My excuse for all this silliness is that for safety reasons I've had cabin fever for quite some time now. 

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I'm not very good with names but I have a few that may count as punny. 


Stray Voltage - Elec/MA Dom   (Rogue Yakuza assassin)

Sine Language - Bots/Time MM   (I... stole this name from a Crystal Method song)

Party Crasher - StJ/SR Stalker 

High Fidelity - Sonic/DP Def



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So, puns is it?  I like to think  that I put the P U in pun, tho I'm certain I'm not the only one.


First mish of the ITF;  "If we had to escort the young ladies out, would we be Sybil Shepherds?"


At the end of the last mish of the ITF:  "So Romy drew a great big sword, but in the end he barely nictus."


Most of my pun names are IT related and it's too early to type up explanations for all of them, particularly given that I had 2 typos in the preceding sentence.


One I saw on Live was El Dap (LDAP, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).  I chatted with him a bit, think I had an IT pun name at the time as well but I don't recall it.

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On 5/30/2019 at 1:28 PM, Dr. Gemini said:


So does he fit in with the lost drunken men who don't know where they are, but do care or the men who know where they are and care, but don't drink.

Nice Fist Full of Yen reference

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For someone's robot/droid: Batteries Included


If they have a tendency of face planting: Some Assembly Required (may have to check for length)


For the Brawler: Break Time


--I have no idea if these names are taken on your server...

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Demon/Nature MM - Pistil Whip


Chuck Norris dressed as Men In Black with a cowboy hat - MIB Walker (also a semi obscure SNMP reference)


Pepto Dysmal Dark/Kin 'troller - Goth/emo chick with the Kin powers all soothing pink.

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On 1/6/2021 at 1:14 AM, Greycat said:

Really, if you have a bad breakup with your ex, make sure she doesn't know where your guns are. Or the plans you were making for a big score somewhere. And really don't break up just *before* said job...











"... there ain't no Water in this World 'could turn me back into an Innocent Man."

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All my main accounts toons start with Snark. (Famous or Infamous, branding is everything 🙂 ) Snarky, my main.  Snarkbot, Snarkrot, Snarkinator, you get the idea...


A couple days ago I set up a second account to run off my old comp.  This will be a Farmer/Buffer account as I experiment with badging and in case (like it is in doubt) i want to PL a future alt.  Finally, Name freedom!  Errrr..  No idea what to name this guy.  And all the good names are taken lol.  Hmm, SS/Fire Brute Farmer.  Skull head with horns, Sinister costume in tasteful black, dark red.  Hmmm.  Nope, got nuthin.  Skull?  Skully?  All taken.  Scratching my head.  Skulz....available WTF?


I have Skulz on Excelsior!!!  Not much of a backstory for this new Rogue.  Although I did write a blurb about "Not being paranoid, but I see all this graffiti about Go, Hunt, kill Skulz...."



edit after 5 min, just thought of my battlecry "Oh no!  They killed Skulz!" to be used after every defeat.  Gotta love Fire Armor.  (and i will be running regular content with him for badges/fun)

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On 6/7/2019 at 8:01 AM, Roughtrade said:

I did not get his picture, wish I had.


Minotaur head, bulky body, beast legs with hooves, brown fur.

His name was “How Now”

Female with a bull's head all dressed in black leather, sonic blast/whatever = Pat Minotaur (already take on Everlasting, I haven't checked elsewhere.)

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On 1/16/2021 at 10:53 AM, fitzsimmons said:

Apologies for throwing a gripe in here but it is on topic.


I had the name Burnin' Prick since 6/x/2019.  Vet level 620.  He's my fire farmer.  Of course there's the double meaning and innuendo while also describing each side of the powersets.  He got genericed yesterday.


It was funny, juvenile, amusing and apparently offensive.  I want to take this moment to apologize to those I hurt.


It's on the market, fellas since they don't lock the reported/genericed names, it's now open season on it.  Just beware of Karens and Chads.


I think "Enormous Genitals" is still free as well.  A generic on that I deserved.  I'm surprised nobody else has gobbled that up.


If anyone wants to pick 'em up, they're available on Excelscior.



Enormous Genitals isn't nearly as funny unless he's teamed with the Asian characters Hung Well or Long Wang (Fist Full of Yen).

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Land Mime

Hard Candy


Electrical Transient 




Groucho Marksman

Ballistic Muscle


Atomic Pyle

Escape Goat

Professor Potshot



Macho Cheese

Right Bastard

Sam Andreas 


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Champions, DC Heroes, Underground: the Roleplaying Game. Not just a list of games I’ve played, it’s also a resume.

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