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Moirae Museum of Antiquities will soon be opening. (MUSEUM-19413)

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In an effort to make new places to Rp, I have had a museum commissioned for a character of mine and am very pleased with the results.(Thanks Dr. Faustus!)


As such I am opening it up for Rp uses. I am still moving around some set pieces so it is work in progress but it is getting that museum feel to it.


If you have need of a curator, send me a tell in game @rookery and I can have a curator there.  If you are looking to RP a heist but why would you, that would be villainous, BUT if you were, I also have a near sighted security guard who patrols the halls. Please be kind to Lee Stantley, he only has two weeks to retirement.


Feel free to come visit otherwise,


Lastly if you do go, stop by the shrine in the SW corner and pour our a bit of wine for Dionysus before you partake yourself.


Thanks all!

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Not sure at the moment. I need to get my head around how it might work and what I want it to accomplish, oh and fit it into the already burgeoning RP schedule I currently have. 8o



Right now, if anyone NEEDS a museum for an RP scene, feel free to use. Bring your own npcs, or if I have time I can bring one of mine. I have a Tessa Dimetriou who is a curator and of course Lee Stanley who can be there after hours. 


I do wish there was an easy way to change lighting in a base...day hours and after hours.


There is no channel, only Zuul.

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