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Subject : 359-070


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This journal will act as an observation diary of 359-070.
The subject has been released on Mercy Island.

We have dispatched a small recon team to tail it to the best of their abilities.

I will be compiling these notes into clearer recordings for future research and development.



Designation given to urban-adaptive bioweapon.

Current adaptability testing has reached limitation.

Requires field study.




359-070 appears confused, and quite a bit more hostile than its time in the lab.

Adaptive dermal layering is adjusting to the dirt and debris.

After a few hours of roaming, seemingly to get the lay of the land, the subject took position atop an apartment building. Remained there, unmoving, for 8 hours.



Subject encountered local gang activity, and was fired upon.

Regenerative properties adapted to small projectiles in less than a minute.

359-070 engaged local gang members.

3 dead, 2 wounded, 1 in critical condition.

359-070 ceased engaging. Reason unknown.

Fled area of engagement.

Field Team loses contact.



359-070 reacquired in alley in north Mercy.

Subject is gathering debris and refuse in corners within the alley.

Reason unknown.

Speculation : Perhaps 359-070 finds some value in it?



359-070 adapted, once again.

Like the biochemical food provided during its creation, 359-070 has found a similar source of nutrition in hemoglobin.

Adaptive dermal layering has changed in form and shape.

Cannot verify new purpose without closer investigation.



359-070 located Recon Team member during closer inspection.

Team Member eliminated.

Subject is not to be approached unless disabled or destroyed by another force.



359-070 seen in public location, not engaging the local population.

Threat detection has adapted.

Does not respond or react to words spoken in its direction.

Requires further study.



Subject engaged TSOO Operators.

"Tesshu" spoken half a dozen times by Tsoo.

Research indicates this word means 'retreat' or 'fall back'.

Tsoo could not retreat.

359-070 engaged until all were deceased or otherwise incapacitated.

Subject appears to respond to damage, loud noises, and hostile movement in its direction.

After these had stopped, 359-070 simple stood near the fallen.

Blood on adaptive dermal layer, and cement, absorbed for food.

Subject 359-070; "Tesshu", fled the scene after 10 minutes of absorbing nutrition.


Subject spotted in Kings Row.



Research and study resumes on 359-070.

Unknown combat and adaptation potential.

Keep Recon Team at long range.

Do not engage.

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