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[Villainous] Outcast in the Isles - Arc ID: 39130

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The Outcasts haven't had much a presence in the Rogue Isles - until now! This is a low-level, villainous storyline in which you've been hired to help the Outcasts establish themselves as leaders in the Superadine trade in the Rogue Isles. Canonically, this story would take place shortly after Frostfire's arrest in the Hollows.


This arc is meant to be able to be run solo or in a group by low level characters with minimal enhancements (but probably not completely unenhanced). While the arc is "Villainous" there's no truly, truly heinous acts in it - just good ol' fashioned opportunism.


Any feedback is welcome! Enjoy!

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Running a bit low on cash once more, Kyksie drifts back to the Rogue Isles and hooks up with an old 'acquaintance', an ex-Outcast named Bedrock. After a few beers, Bedrock lets her in on a plan to corner the underground tampon racket in Paragon. Hiding in the back of a delivery truck, Kyksie infiltrates the Cotton Pony plant in King's Row, hacks the delivery computer, then proceeds to...




I was going to spin a whole tale about how Kyksie sets up her illegal sales and distribution network but is stopped by Mynx and Luminary, but I kinda ran out of inspiration halfway. In truth, the player talks with Bedrock about expanding the Outcasts presence in the Rogue Isles, then tries to muscle in on the Family's Superdyne ring, but gets betrayed, so we kick that guy a few times and things are back to normal.


Outcast in the Isles is an extremely generic arc. There's nothing bad about it; no bad writing, no defeat alls, no catboys in their underwear, but there's nothing at all remarkable about it either. Like, if you were in a supermarket shopping for AE arcs to play, Outcast in the Isles would be in a plain generic wrapper labeled "Architect Mission #39130".






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