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I get an error about being unable to equip Incarnate powers, saying that I've activated a power/been attacked too recently to be able to do so...how long is this time-out? I've logged out and back in, waited for a few minutes and so on. Do I need to deactivate my toggle powers? Here is my build for reference - not sure if any powers/enhancements might be interfering with this:



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The timer is started when you zone or log in, as well as if you (or any teammate or leaguemate) are in the same zone with you attack a foe or are attacked by one.


This combat-related timer is not very long. 30-60s IIRC.


If you are alone, someplace nothing hostile could be near you (or your toggles) and it still won't let you slot them, this may be a bug. There were some timer related code changes.


PS: The lockout for changing powers is longer - like 5 minutes. Not relevant here, just extra info.

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I am at a loss to quantify the problem.


  • On two Defenders, I can swap slots until I use an offensive power (their nukes, in this case, PBAoEs and being something I can fire with no foes around). Once I do this, however, I cannot switch iPowers again until I zone.
  • On two Scrappers, I cannot swap iPowers ever. I have detoggled everything and even unslotted some of my global and proc IOs. Didn't matter.

All testing was done on Cryptic, in Ouroboros or my SG base, where there are no foes.

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I was finally able to switch iPowers on one of the Scrappers by logging into the AE power suppression zone while on a Flashback with the "Enhancements have no effect" challenge enabled.


I don't know which one of these mattered, if any, since after dropping the Flashback I could switch, after exiting the suppression area I could switch, and after retoggling and returning to Ouro I could switch.


I was blocked again once I used a PBAoE, but zoning fixed that, as with the two Defenders. Previously, zoning and logging didn't matter - I was perma blocked.


It seems certain to me that something about the timer resolution changes is at play here, so I'm going to stop looking for power-related correlations in case what I am seeing is coincidental with things happening with timers. And because what I came up with there doesn't make a ton of sense to me.

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