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Some problems with Storm Summoning

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1. End heavy, but just about the best set for safety. Justifiable.


2. Bind can fix that, but you don't really need to locate the pointer, tornado runs all over anyway


3. Storm is not about heals, so, no need to change o2

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26 minutes ago, RogueWolf said:

FWIW, endo got much more manageable by level 45 with a few more end cost set bonuses and the accolade badges. It is just brutal levelling up

Admittedly I always grab Ageless Core on all my stormies, and, if playing below 50, I deal with it by not using additional toggles like fighting/leadership at the lower levels. If I don’t have Ageless, I just run Steamy Mist/Super Speed/Combat Jumping and things are ok.


Great thing about Ageless Core is there’s more or less no build it doesn’t completely mitigate end problems for. For instance, a lot of people are raising eyebrows at the two new Sorcery toggles, but you can pile those on top of everything else and Ageless would still make the problem vanish.

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I like storm the only thing I notice at low levels without ios is that thunderclap uses almost too much endurance to activate when running normal game play unless I plan on it.

I love everything else about it

It would be nice if 02 could hit more than one of my team mates character at a time


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