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Summon Coralax on Controller potentially bugges

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Hi there!

The Summon Coralax power for Controllers from the Leviathan Mastery Epic Pool doesn't take kockback set enhancements despite stating that it does. Tested with 'Sudden Acceleration: Knockback to Knockdown' and 'Explosive Strike: Chance for Smashing Damage' on a level 50 Illusion/Storm/Leviathan Controller.



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The error is probably in the list of sets it takes, since I don't think that pet does any KB.  Let's see... looking on CoD2 I don't see any powers on that pet that do KB.

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Yeah, even though it's marked as accepting those sets, the actual summoning power itself doesn't accept knockback boosts. The boosts in those sets are marked as knockback boosts, so the fact that the power doesn't accept those probably takes precedence over the fact that the power has been marked as accepting those sets.


And, as @csrmentions, none of the pet's powers do knockback, so all you would get out of slotting the set if you could would be the bonuses.


So yeah, it seems like the error is that it says it takes those sets.

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