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A humble suggestion with feedback: Lower the volume or use a gentler sound for Sonic Resonance's "Sonic Repulsion" ability


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I thought it might be a fun power if I slotted KB to KD in it and I couldn't possibly inflict this migraine inducing thing on a team without being booted even in it's original form.  It plays the loudest sound of my entire power set kit with a sharp thuddy sound with a droning trailing ringing that overlaps itself repeatedly as it procs on enemies.  It is over the borderline of griefing in how loud and abrasive it is even with my volume turned way down so I have to avoid using it outright- Sure I could reduce power sounds but I really would not want to ruin other peoples days with their volumes on and up.

Seriously- If you're curious. Power level a sonic defender or sonic secondary MM and have a friend around to cast it on or on a minion and put them into a group of enemies. It is an instant oppressive racket generator! Edit: Only do this to experience the ear and brain shattering agony so you know I'm not exaggerating by much. Do not do this with the intent to inflict it on everyone else.

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