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Engy/Darkarmor/ele vs Dark/Engyarmor/ele which one is better for overall game play


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I was looking at making something oddball and hopefully fun to use. I was looking at engy/da/ele and dark/engyarmor/ele and both look nice on paper, but I would like to get some feedback on you which one would be better to use for overall pve game.  All advice would be great and helpful

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Energy is one of the weaker primaries and Dark is one of the weaker secondaries. Dark Blast is one of the stronger primaries. Energy Aura is probably one of the best overall armor sets... as long as you never face anything with Psi damage.

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It’s quite hard to advise really, as an ‘oddball’ build is, by design, a little misshapen. 

NRG/Dark: I’d say both are mid-range power sets individually and probably don’t have any special synergy. NRG blast I actually really like, although there is a ‘knockback tax’ if you want knockdown too. Also very little real proc potential with NRG blast. 

Dark Armour is largely your standard resist set. It’s good at it, might draw you into melee more than other sets. If that’s not your playstyle, it’s worth considering. Nothing to fear in melee as a Sentinel though. 

Dark/NRG: Negative energy is one of the least resisted damage types around and it has very good proc potential. The -tohit also stacks well with NRG Armour’s defence, which will come in very handy when facing Psi damage. 

NRG Armour is a really nice set. One of my personal favourites. Not as easy as SR to soft cap but easy enough. 

Elec epic will also add to NRG’s sapping, though not by much. 



If I was picking from those two, I’d go Dark/NRG, but that’s just me. My favourite ‘oddball’ build was Rad/NRG/Psi, which I’d definitely recommend checking out. 

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