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I'm a dummy. Is there a pet window somewhere?

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On 4/19/2021 at 11:19 AM, DarknessEternal said:

Thanks.  This doesn't show Galvanic Sentinel, so I guess I have a new problem.


you should have a separate window that pops up after you click the "Pets" label.  Other than Master Minds, this option is not available by default.






The only pet I have seen not show in the pet window is the vanity pets.  But the little buff pets, Portable Workbenches, Incarnate Lores, Controller, PB... all of the rest show in the pet window.



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Yep, activating the pet window is literally an option that you have to turn on to then get the option to open the pet window.  An option within an option.  Always found that kind of strange and a bit of bad UI design to have it double nested.  Especially now a days when eventually everyone gets pets (lore incarnate). 


And you certainly are not alone or a dummy.  I have mine set up to always default to on when I create new characters now, but I still see this question asked in Help quite often and then have to describe the kind of silly two step process to turn it on. 

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