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I typically play on Torchbearer and whenever I have submitted a ticket for assistance, he is 'Johnny on the spot'. He's taken feedback about our Hami raids to the Dev team, fixed some bugged TFs (poor Katie), and has been all around helpful and proactive. We don't tend to submit tickets often, but whenever we do, GM Impervium is very prompt, courteous, and engaged in problem solving. I understand that many of the roles are filled with those volunteering their time, so I am appreciative of the assistance when it's needed. Thanks all. 

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   Hi y'all. BJ here...

   I just wanted to point out something and put out @GM Impervium to you all. For the last several day's I have been attempting to hook up the Homecoming Discord server so I can learn something new, and maybe interact with you great folks (if you'll have me that is... I know chat's like that can be "clickish" at times lol). However due to me being totally ignorant about Discord, what it is used for, how to set it up, and even use it, and my own disability, It was like I was lost in the wind without a prayer of figuring anything out. I just couldn't make a account work, much less figure Discord out.


   So at the advice of a friend, I went to support and wrote out a email saying "HELP!!!" lol. And low and behold, @GM Impervium was the one who replied. And while I can give great details about what happened, I will sum it up like this. Despite me being so far behind the wheel in understanding tech and Discord, he helped me. Despite me making mistakes, asking stupid questions, and writing him a lot as I tried to figure things out. And if it wasn't for him, I would still be lost in the wind.


   With his patience, guidance, and help (unselfishly so) I was able to sign up for a Homecoming Discord account, and get the thing working! And it was all due to him... one very patient, kind man... @GM Impervium. So I just had to write this post to thank him publicly, and to give a testimonial on how this person went out of his way to help a poor ignorant smuck like me. None of us are perfect, and none of us are wholly good... we are a young growing species after all, but his act (as simple as it might be for some of you) shows what a good person can do.


   Some play a hero (or villian) in this game of ours... this City of Heroes... but sometimes, sometimes the simplest act of kindness and helping others in need shows what real heroes we can be. It may be a "job" that he help people like me and us, but even the simplest things in helping can outshine the biggest showy "acts of kindness". So I want to say thank you again @GM Impervium for all your help, and all you and the other GM's & Staff do here. It matters... you guys matter... and that's what it's all about...



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