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Prestige Slide overrides ninja Run animation

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Have had a few complaints about this since page 2 came out.

Apparently, prior to the patch, players were able to have both Power Slide and Ninja Run active at the same time. They would slide as normal, and when they jumped, they would flip in the air. Kind of like how we now allow Super Speed + Ninja Run to operate.

This no longer happens. PPS now completely overrides the NR jumping animation, even if it's only on for 1/3rd of a second at any point in the jump. The Jump with arms out + flip is replaced with a standard jump.

If anyone has any extra info, that would be appreciated!

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It's not just this, but both it and sprint override the "Superman" jumping animation from the steam jump pack, but only after a few seconds, so you go into the pose, then spaz right back out of it...looks really bad. Also if you have ninja run and slide on at the same time, your character will twitch between standing and Ninja Run poses. It's pretty obviously the new patch, but whatever the specifics, it looks really janky. If you do a tiny short forward or backward hop, it will still flip, but anything longer and it will start off in the correct pose, but again like with the jump pack it will spaz into the other animation.


The powers seem to be working as intended, but it's like the game can't decide on which animation to use.

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