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Mastermind Farming: Discussion/Guide

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6 hours ago, smnolimits41 said:

what about dual boxing Ninja's/Kinetics


The advantage of multiboxing MMs is if you plan ahead it allows more freedom. You could 2 box a Ninja/Kin and a Ninja/Time and end up with quite sturdy and high damage pets. You could juggle the Power Boost + Farsight for a lot of Defense, then when that wears off you could pop Barrier to cover the gap in coverage. That would even leave you 1 spare incarnate power to pick, which you could take another Barrier if you didn't want to use the /time trick, or you could take ageless for END management.


But I am sure you could pair a ninja/kin with another MM to make the pets touch enough for hardest level difficulty. I started with Robots/EA and Robots/Time myself. 

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