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New Notoriety Options

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So far one of the biggest issues with the game is that people dont feel challenged, and that's usually coming from a perspective that incarnate powers, IO sets and accolade powers are all in play.


So, I think a fairly simple way of providing more difficulty options to the game is to expand the current notoriety system. So far, the most a leader can do to set a challenge (besides running +4/x8 on difficult mobs) is to simply run content at lower levels, which will disable the use of incarnate powers, and also makes IO sets less effective. Of course, not everybody is going to enjoy the idea of losing access to some of their core powers, or perhaps want to keep their IO bonuses but lose the incarnate powers.


So with that in mind, how about more notoriety options to help us provide a little more challenge? Here's a few new features I was thinking;


  • No incarnates - fairly simple, all incarnate powers are disabled while in mission instances.
  • Alpha only - All incarnate powers except Alpha will be disabled.
  • No set bonuses - your IO set bonuses are disabled, but the base enhancement bonuses are still in effect
  • Level limit - You can manually reduce your level on the fly, allowing you to experience the game at lower levels more easily.
  • No accolade passives - Your accolade autopowers will be disabled (click activated powers will still be available)


With these options in mind, I think it would also be best to have notoriety options in general be more transparent to the rest of the team. Right now, you wont know right away what options have been enabled, but I think it would be good to make an addition to the team UI with a 'Notoriety' button that opens a window to reveal what notoriety options have been set. Whenever a team leader changes the notoriety options, the button will turn red (just like when you receive a new email or your inventory is full) to indicate that changes have been made.


Hopefully this wont be difficult to implement, and with a way for teammates to track notoriety options, it wont take players by surprise either.


I'll also emphasise that these are options, not changes, so it would be entirely in the hands of the players.



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I like the approach in general. And I think there should be perks to running content with notoriety challenge settings, of some sort. Increased rewards, special badges, currency to buy special temp powers/buffs, something. If they don't come with something people want as a reward, it'll be back to "Council Radios, +4/x8, no stupid settings, LFM." People will rarely run content that's harder just because it's harder, and presumably more fun. Not never, but rarely.


I'd also like to see:


  • Enemies Buffed - Basically the Oro challenge setting of the same name
  • Enemies Promoted - Minions have X% chance to be promoted to Lt, Lt's have Y% to promote to Bosses, and Bosses get Z% to promote to EB's.
  • Enemies Level Shifted by +1, +2, +3 - Enemies get Level Shifts on top of their +x standard notoriety setting.
  • Enemy AI Buffed - Invokes some clever (and I don't know what they would be) tactics the AI would use to play somewhat better.
  • Enemy Leadership - Enemy Lt's get Maneuvers, Bosses get Maneuvers, Tactics and Assault, and EB's+AV's get the entire Leadership pool.



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