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Future Volunteer Recruitment: Miscellaneous / Other Arts


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  • Homecoming Team

We're opening this thread to allow people who have various skill sets not covered by our other three threads to have a place to offer their help / volunteer in the future. Please note that we're not currently bringing anyone in; this thread acts is a place of reference for when we do :)


Please do not include personal information in this thread!


When replying to this thread, please include the following information:

  • Your Discord tag
  • Applicable skills (see below)
  • Availability & time zone
  • What you would be interested in working on


We're currently looking at people who:

  • Are creative writers familiar with the City of Heroes lore and backstory
  • Are musicians / music artists able to create original works that fit the City of Heroes themes
  • Are sound designers able to create sound effects


If you have a talent or skill set that you believe would benefit the game or the Homecoming project that we haven't covered yet then please feel free to post anyways and we'll have a look.




Homecoming Team


If you need help, please submit a support request here or use /petition in-game.


Got time to spare? Want to see Homecoming thrive? Consider volunteering as a Game Master!

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Discord Tag: Holymittens


Applicable Skills: I am a creative writer with experience in the game industry. I wrote extensively for EVE Online, including a large portion of their EVE: Source book, several short stories, two of the epic mission arcs in game, a bunch of other missions, live events, in-character news articles, and other stuff. Basically, if it was related to the story whatsoever, I did it. I can readily provide examples of my writing. I started playing CoH when it first came out and kept up with it until the end and have extensive knowledge of the lore and backstory. I also have familiarity with game design and coding, though it's hobby-level stuff instead of anything professional.


Availability/Time Zone: I am mostly available in the evenings EST, between 6 PM and midnight. But my work is flexible enough that I can be available for stuff more-or-less 24/7.


Interests: Writing missions, descriptions, and general storyline plotting/development. My specialties are world building and character dialogue, though I feel like I'm at least good at all aspects of writing. I also like the idea of general game design and creating enemies and powersets and the like.

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Discord tag: Elizabeth#3142


Applicable skills: I have a bacchelors in English literature and have written many different missions both for games in creators that have been used in updated content and also host regular DND sessions with my skills as a DM in adventurer's league and in my own world. I have extensive knowledge of the COH timeline, storyline, and would love to be a part of this, and also have been a part of the Roleplaying community for a very long time, both in this game and in other games besides.


Availability and time zone: Available when I am not working my FT job and would like to put in at least 20-50 hours a week to this awesome game.


What I would like to be working on: Lore, backgrounds, missions, dialogue, proofreading/editing (I have extensive experience with these), grammar and flow editing, unnecessary jargon editing, script writing, voice acting (if this is coming later), as well as anything else that might use my degree in any capacity.

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Discord tag: vaxjedi


Applicable skills: I am a tabletop rpg developer and writer. I have experience working with existing IPs and adapting/extending them (see here for an example). While I am not an artist, I have extensive experience with graphic design software like Photoshop and Illustrator (used to work for Adobe). I also have experience writing and (especially) debugging code, though not in application development. I have some hobby-level experience editing video. In the not-necessarily-directly-applicable, I have also done professional work as a constructed language (conlang) creator. So if you want NPCs to start speaking a language that didn't exist before, I'm your girl.


Availability and timezone: I'm available after my day job, usually after 6pm Pacific, though with enough notice, I can swing other times on occasion. I'm looking to work up to 20 hours a week.


Interests: Lore and world building, game system design (systems, powersets, etc.), mission design, puzzle design, dialogue, documentation writing. I'm also up for the possibility of support tasks as needed.

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(I was the person who replied about wanting to make music on the Future Volunteer Recruitment: Art page. I'm just putting this here just in case. Also my email is [email protected])


Discord Tag: BlindGaia#3121


Applicable Skills: - Been making music and getting paid from it by other artists for 4 years

                          - Can make sounds from what my client describes

                          - I can mix and master sounds (So that they're at the right volume levels. (not too loud or too low))


Availability & time zone: 20 hours a week at various times EST (due to scheduling it's kinda random but I can squeeze time easily.)


What you would be interested in working on: What I'd like to do is to make music for anything, really. I've already made some tracks that fit with the style of the game just for this occasion to show. These tracks are intended to be areas in certain parts of a zone (red, yellow, green), and are usually 20 - 45 seconds long. You can listen via attachments (actually you can't look at those, files are too big, I can email the slightly higher quality tracks if you don't like Soundcloud's lower quality) or Soundcloud links


Old school style track similar to how you'd hear in game (I had Independence Port in mind) : https://soundcloud.com/christopher-mason-156666154/coh-old-school


Newer style of track if you want this type of track (I had Fault line in mind): https://soundcloud.com/christopher-mason-156666154/coh-new-school-1


Safe zone type track I made, that would spark people's nostalgia for the game (Recommend attachment link for better quality): https://soundcloud.com/christopher-mason-156666154/safe-area


Also I admittedly have no experience in sound design for games per se, but I have experience with making sounds based on someone else's description. I feel like I should be able to do this within a couple of hours to a day.


Hopefully hear from you all soon!

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Discord tag: Noyjitat#0619


Applicable skills (see below): My coding skills are lacking but I have built maps using text editor before any sort of map builder was ever made available. I am working on stories too but Im afraid to share those publicly without having copyright and trademarks in place. I do think I could write things within the coh timeline but why not use the lore and information positron has given us over the years?


Availability & time zone: No firm schedule but im off work on weekends.


What you would be interested in working on: I'd like to make more group encounters or maps. I've made maps in notepad for a personal project but I'd like to help make more incarnate trials, raids, and tfs that continue where the game left off and possibly beyond. The devs had so much planned and so much I think was forgotten such as the rikti... You'd think the one group that is so involved with the backstory of coh would have been added in the incarnate content in the future. Hello rikti prime anyone?


Also how about fighting the actual hamidon in praetoria and liberating that world someday? Seems primal earth is full of refugees that may want to go home and rebuild someday.

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Hello, I'm Klok Kaos and I'd love to help out :)


Discord Server Handle: Master KAOS #3396

Availability and Time Zone: Time zone is CST (UTC -6), generally available in evenings/late night, Monday and Tuesday night I'm generally free up until morning.  Other days are bit more spotty since I work, but don't have a set schedule as I'm self employed.


Applicable Skills: Creative Writer (publish poet, articles for e-zines for roleplaying play by post (mostly advanced how to's), many decades with RPG's tabletop and PBP), Professional Musician specializing in industrial/metal stuff; some samples:




Professional Catalog (currently released):



obviously for any loop tracks I'd have to tear down what I do, which will be a lot easier since I usually produce over complicated stuff for my own amusement.


I do have a story in mind already involving creytech and a rogue AI, something akin to a cross between the dramatic back story of Mr. Freeze and pragmatism of Ultron.  I was just starting to fiddle with the old MA system to see what I'd cook up but I'm sure I could do it a lot better with access to more development resources.  I was envisioning this as something around a level 20-25 thing and it works perfectly with current lore so far as I'm aware, though it could easily have a higher level sequel(s).


I will say I'm "familiar" with the CoH lore, however it has been a long time for most of us.  I'm currently playing through every story mission villain side (currently lv 23 I think) and will do heroes and rogues as soon as I'm either maxed out or need a character swap for sanity, plus access to the wiki is easy to manage.


My coding skills are non existent, so that's a limitation for me for sure.


I also do visual arts on a occasion as well, but all hard mediums, meaning I could sketch up some concept ideas for costume pieces and such, but modelling and rigging would need to be someone else.


I'd love to help out the team to see brand new content come into existence.


For writing samples I can link you to some PBP stuff if you like, but I'd say it's on the more mature end of Teen, meaning there are heavier concepts at play and more complexity than you might find in a typical CoH adventure and I can certainly turn that knob down (think Watchmen vs Coh), but would like to elevate some of the quests to being more story-centric with interesting narratives, rather than just "beat up 50 dudes and cash your paycheck".  Seeing more complex naratives with characters that come to life and have complex motivations and growth would be something I'd really like to contribute.


I'd be most enthusiastically interested in helping with the writing and would love to help craft some loops for game content, but I also know that with music my creativity requires me to stay in my lane, meaning writing anything imaginable isn't really my scope (it's usually darker/aggressive), where as with creative writing I can create my own projects or work within a scope.


When it comes to the visual stuff I "can" help with it, and would be happy to if that's how I can be of best use, but I think finding someone passionate about that who specializes in it would be ideal.


I'd also be really interested in helping design a system for an Arch Nemesis and sidekick set up similar to how champions did, but with a bit more punch.  This system I think, while it is achievable in some sense in MA, would be (if implemented) something that really helps players feel like they are a more persistent part of the world with their characters.  Some of the notions I have are designing the character, determining how they spawn, if they have certain boards they should or shouldn't spawn on, if they can team up with other nemesis' (meaning can they appear in a team), a mission for "it's time to end this" meaning, you can defeat your nemesis (obviously would need a different naming convention) for good and develop a new one (though they might one day return, you know how comics are about that, meaning, you might theoretically have more than one nemesis active at once), and for sidekicks...


they should be solo only, and have the ability to determine if they follow you if you switch sides or become a new nemesis.


Also acquiring more to your rogue's gallery with special missions, and even using pregens (for people that are just interested in grinding rewards) and current NPC's in some story arcs, plus determining what kind of story arcs would be good for a nemesis should be an option, ie, magic characters probably aren't robbing banks, tech characters probably aren't trying to get mystic artifacts from the beyond, etc.  Having a few different villain/hero arcs for them and personality types per origin available that meet certain trope needs would help flesh them out as characters.  Point being, I really think this would go a long way for people in the RP community as well as they could custom tailor certain plot lines that would be mostly unique to them.


Edit: As a longer term project, I'd like to at some point work with environmental artists to get a more jungle/nature/elemental themed city alternate start for our nature heroes to start out in for a 1-20 experience, and a post incarnate experience city in a magic/space realm for some really epic stuff (ie, characters would have to have leveled their incarnate levels (up to omega, which I'm pretty sure isn't a functional thing last I heard) to access the area.  This would be more a magic/space base from which players would launch epic battles/instances.


If I can be of assistance please do contact me on discord, I'd love to help out :)

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Discord: EDTortuga


Applicable skills: I grew up writing stories and music. I've taught writing for 18 years, produced scripts for my own comics for many years (nothing published).


I wrote many missions and arcs for CoH's AE when the game was live. I especially enjoyed using CoH lore to create my own unique stories and characters. A favourite arc of mine was called 'Bases Loaded' which involved the creation of Paragon City's professional baseball team, a Family-backed conspiracy, and rioting fans who had destroyed Atlas Park when the team lost the championship.  Another arc I created involved a rogue Vhazilok doctor who was attempting to improve on Dr. Vhazilok's design. The Dr. was not pleased.


As for music, I have written hundreds of songs, produced a few albums that received Canada-wide airplay. Sound FX would be new to me, but I've got a good understanding of Pro Tools and can make things happen.


Availability & time zone: MST, a few evenings per week and some weekends


What you would be interested in working on: writing missions, arcs, music and sound effects

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Discord tag: TBD

Applicable skills: Published writer, fully familiar with COH lore.

Availability & time zone: Pacific, available any time.

What you would be interested in working on:


New content extending current content. (I wrote the propaganda puff-pieces for Recluse's lackeys. Please see my AE finale for the Crey Paragon Protectors.)


V.O. recording artist, "trailer-guy" voice with over a hundred audio-books available on Amazon.


Also experienced with comic book scripting, breakdowns, and lettering should anyone want to work in that medium.

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Your Discord tag : ryuplaneswalker#4962


Applicable skills : Familiar with City of Heroes Lore, including story notes that were revealed in the AMAs post closing, have done some short story writing. Will be glad to link it to whomever ends up in charge of writing.


Availability & time zone : Eastern Standard Time - readily Available from 5PM to 10PM, and can still be contacted from 10PM to 8AM if you don't mind a delayed reaction.


What you would be interested in working on - I will be glad to aid in writing any future content.

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Discord ID: 🚦MJ🚦- trafficwerewolf#6717


Applicable skills: I have a Bachelors in Creative Writing, a degree in Games Design and over twenty years experience as a GM for multiple game systems.  I have written many stories set in the City of Heroes world, centred primarily on my own supergroup but lore heavy as world building is a key skill of mine.


I have written two comics, one is still available online I think: Minnie Gunn and the Gentlelady Thief.

I am a strong collaborator in writing teams and my specific skills are world building and connecting existing ideas to new story elements.


Availability & time zone:  Currently available whenever (as I am waiting on documentation to begin working).  My timezone is Eastern (Daylight) Time.


Work Interest: I am most interested in working on new arcs at all level ranges, specifically clue text and background text to support dialogue writers.

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Discord Tag: brw316#5735


Applicable Skills: I am an amateur creative writer with an interest in working collaboratively with other individuals to expand the story of this game.  Lore for any game has long been the single most important factor of interest for me starting with COH back in 2005, so I am intimately familiar with the implemented lore (missions, badges, descriptions, etc) and the unimplemented  lore ("Lore-gasms", "AMAs", Story Bible, Comics, books, etc).  I also have a strong desire to see that the spirit and vision of the original development team is adhered to, with some creative liberties. 


In that vein, I have two story arcs in the rough draft stage that expand on John "Protean" Hegner's concept of pulling missions from the broader task pools to more concretely define the inter-gang conflicts of the lower levels.  I am more than happy to push them up for review.


While having never worked in an official capacity, collaborative story-telling has long been a pasttime through PnP RPGs.


Availability/Time Zone:  between 8pm and 11pm Eastern for voice chat, though I am available at any time for DMs.  Weekends are mostly open with the exception of one weekend each month for contractual obligations.


Interests: Initially, I prefer to expand the game in the originally intended direction  to complete the story of Battalion, implement the redemption of Scirocco, and expand on the aforementioned gang activities.  Following that, I would love to be an integral part of shaping the future of the game lore with a personal interest on the mystical side of the game (raising of Oranbega, the release of Lughebu, introduction of Uuralur and the unfeatured Aspects of Rularuu, etc.)

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Discord tag: Hellguard


Applicable skills: I’m a creative writer who is very familiar with CoH lore, having played the game from near launch until the bitter end. I worked with Silverhelm Studios as a Content Designer for Valiance Online for a bit during 2015, and I have written hundreds of articles on MMOs for MMOSite, the now-defunct Examiner.com, and MMORPG.com (the latter was a series of articles exclusively about CoH). I also had one of the original Dev’s Choice AE arcs, “Saving Synapse,” which was carried over to the live servers from the Test Server.


Availability/Time zone: I’m EST and can open up availability as the need arises (I do my own schedule for work and can work around pretty much anything... I typically have evenings and weekends free but I can switch things up as needed).


Interests: I would love to create new story content for the game, as well as expand on ideas that were begun but never finished (like future Incarnate stuff, Batallion, etc).

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Might as well throw my hat in the ring, though I don't have a portfolio or anything like that to show off


Discord tag: Piyerus#5711


Applicable skills: Writer who is very familiar with the CoH lore. I've done a lot of writing for roleplaying activities between friends (both tabletop and other kinds), but I haven't done anything in the industry or have anything published. I'd still like to help out however I can. Lately I've been trying to be more active and helpful in the community, particularly the badge hoarding side of things.


Availability/Time zone: I'm EST and can generally be reached from 3:30pm to 10:00pm on weekdays, and any time of the day on weekends. I will also mention here that I am sometimes unable to speak in voice chat due to a disability I have (trigeminal neuralgia), however this has no effect on my ability to type or listen in to voice chats. I can speak sometimes, but not all the time.


Interests: I'd love to expand the game by adding additional story content. Regular missions or team content (taskforces/trials) both interest me. In addition, I have a very clear interest in badges (1396 and counting!), so I'd love to have the change to help design some.

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Ok, so I JUST returned to CoH...just found about this and I am still geeking out! Anyway, I'd like to help out if possible.


Discord tag: Burt#7141


APPLICABLE SKILLS: Writing and character design. I write often for work but the topics aren't in the realm of CoH. Anyway, I'd love to write content and create characters, stories and missions. I also had a comic book pitches that eventually fell apart but they were of interest to a few smaller comic companies.


AVAILABILITY: I'm in the PST time zone so evenings after 6:30pm PST should work.


INTERESTS: Create some new and unique content. I would enjoy doing a few stand alone TFs/SFs that do not have too many familiar characters involved. I'd also be into adding a new contact for some new missions much in the spirit of radio and paper missions but with some new looks. I did do a few AE missions that did well back in the day!


I have a ton of ideas for TFs etc and would like to see if they could involve a mission that involved a water zone. Also the much desired outer space setting for TF or part of one (maybe get that moon base in there!).

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Your Discord tag: ralok-one#8505


Applicable skills (see below): I am a comic artist, and an experienced writer, currently I am going to college for 3D animation and art but I am an amateur right now with both of those. You can find a lot of my work at future-bound-entertainment.com, there I draw the comics Abomination and Insanity Turtle, and I do some level of writing on all the rest. I have been playing city of heroes since the beginning, and have read all the comics, I may not be the most familiar with the story but I know quite a bit.


Availability & time zone: EST, and I am available frequently


What you would be interested in working on: If you guys decide you want to do a webcomic based on City of Heroes I can write, ink, and do flat coloring on it. You want to get a team together to make comics and I will gladly be part of that team.

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Your Discord tag: blackjak


Applicable skills (see below): sound designer, writer


Availability & time zone: EST, mostly only Fridays


What you would be interested in working on: any sound fx design or mixing/mastering/editing of audio. I have also written lore and designed characters and npc groups for video games in the superhero genre.

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Discord Tag: Hudson#6717

Availability: Mostly any time. My schedule is flexible. Central time zone (US).


Skills: I have over 12 years of experience designing and developing a variety of games, including survival games, platformers, roguelikes, RPG's, MMORPG's, and competitive and cooperative multiplayer games such as MOBA's and shooters. Throughout my career, my roles have included Lead/Senior Game Designer, World Designer, Writer, Producer, and Project Manager. I am actively developing multiple personal projects independently, and I reserve the right to work on multiple projects at my personal discretion.


My experience includes:

• Concepts and world-building.

• Writing for missions, dialogue, character backstories, skill and item descriptions, and world lore.

• The design and application of multiple game systems, including combat (PvE and PvP), crafting, loot, progression, survival mechanics, and character abilities.

• The visual, narrative, and mechanical design of characters and environments, including enemies, races, classes, items, skills, and abilities.

• Graphic design, including user interfaces, icons, and sprites.

• Programming in C#, albeit to a limited degree within team environments.

• Overseeing and managing development teams and public relations.

Game design and writing are my strongest and most preferred skills. Within the context of City of Heroes, this would mean designing characters, missions, powers, badges, etc.


Interests: Anything involving any of my skills ;)

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I'm a middle school English Teacher. I have a Bachelors in English Creative Writing. I've written a fantasy/sci fi novel that I'm currently editing from a first draft. I think it's safe to say, like everyone else who's still playing this game, that I love CoH in its entirety. I believe I played from issue 5 until not long after CoV launched. I honestly don't think that you need an intimate knowledge of the story in order to write for it. I believe that a story that already has a world (especially a populated one) is easy to write for. There's a huge difference between say creating Star Wars, for example, and just adding something, modifying the lore, or fashioning an interaction between characters. It really isn't hard to look over the stories that already exist to get a feel for them and create something comparable. Having said that, if you're interested in getting some writers together to craft something, please count me in. I think that any successful writing venture of a serial nature benefits from a pool of writers. The Simpsons comes to mind as a franchise that has endured over twenty years because of their team of writers. 


I'm in EST. It's tricky to figure out my availability because I'm PLAYING COH when I get home after work. Everyone here is doing the same.  I don't think they realize it. But I'm sure I could be persuaded otherwise. 

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  • Discord tag Ry#5940
  • Applicable skills: I'm a student in the UK with a diploma in Games Design and an A-Level in a combined English Language/Literature and I'm currently working on my university degree for Games Design Art. I've been writing for my own characters for over ten years and participated in Game Jam. I have published work for magazines and won an award for my English studies.
  • Availability & time zone: GMT London (Available on most weekends as I'm in my second year of university.)
  • What I'd would be interested in working on: I'd love to mainly work on character designs for NPC's and writing for City of Villains, I've always had a bigger understanding of the Rogue Isles compared to Paragon City and a passion for Arachnos lore. If given the opportunity I'd like to help in writing where some arcs left off due to the shutdown of the game, or writing lower level content such as task/strike forces. 
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I am part of a CSIRT for an International Bank and retired Law Enforcement on the East Coast.  


I would be willing to help out and lend my skills to help with those crazy odd incidents.


Some examples; Cyber Stalking, troublesome players. Script kiddies that keep knocking the door trying to get in, Someone gets admin credentials or a falling out with admins that have access they shouldn't,  ETC.


I can help point out contacts or discuss real life scenarios in these crazy instances.  Can Liaison with Law Enforcement if needed.  

They are not gaming related but also can be mission critical to the health of the game and servers. 


Also can do computer forensics and have testified as an expert within the 5 boroughs of New York Area.



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  • Your Discord tag: Gulbasaur#6418
  • Applicable skills (see below): Writing - have written for a small number of mods for the Creatures series, as well as several short stories. Familiar with game lore. Have written a couple of own-use mods for FNV and F4 (basically value tweaks or small script changes), as well as short interactive fiction games. Tutorial writing. Limited C## & javascript (more comfortable re-purposing and reshaping things than building from the ground up). Some art creation (sprite animation). I wrote one or two "challenges" for my supergroup, back in the day, logging in and out with different characters to roleplay a custom mission. 
  • Availability & time zone: GMT - currently a student with flexible timescale.
  • What you would be interested in working on: Story arc writing and content creation. Have some ideas for a self-contained story arc/short task force ideas that wouldn't touch on lore too much. Seasonal events built on pre-existing models e.g. Summer Blockbuster model -> Fright Night double feature with greyed-out aesthetic and kitschy 50s horror theme). 
Doctor Fortune  Soulwright Mother Blight Brightwarden Storm Lantern Shadow Self Corona Borealis
Blood Fortunado Dark/Dark Corruptor Rad/Rad Brute Gravity/Time Controller Storm/Water Defender Warshade Dark/Dark Tanker
The Good Missions Guide: A Heroic Levelling Journey through Story Arcs Blueside Guide Easy IO Cheat Sheet 
The Mean Missions Guide: A Villainous Levelling Journey through Story Arcs Redside Guide Fortunatas are the Bestunatas
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Hello, I'm Nik.  I don't have a discord account yet but I can get one. I carry a bachelors in game and simulation programming and design. I know C#, Javascript and my C++ is a bit rusty, Modeling from 3ds max. Character Modeling, Rigging of ik and fk rigs both simple and complex, animation. Lately I just dabble in unity as a hobby anymore. I used to do augmented reality back in 2009. I am also a disabled veteran of the army and have no need to work for money and thus have plenty of free time. This game inspired me to get in to game development back in 2005. I would love to be a part of resurecting this game in any way possible. This MMO engine looks similiar to something I worked with in college i would love to take a crack at it. Contact me at: [email protected]

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