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Future Volunteer Recruitment: Miscellaneous / Other Arts


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Good morning,


I hope this message finds you all healthy and happy!  

I see many developers and artists out here, which is fabulous to see the level of interest!  


I will be signing up for a discord account this weekend.  I will edit this response once I have it.   My skill set is IT project management and working as the 'buffer' between IT and the customer to translate what the is desired by the customer into an IT scope that creates value in time savings on the development side to deliver what the customer actually wants.  I have a wide range of abilities with 11 years in the Casino Industry, 13 years in the Financial Industry and 7 years in an international employment law firm IT department.  I am great with leadership, training, recruitment, project management, finances, compliance, business analysis and overall management.  


I am good with SQL, report writing in Crystal / SSRS and systems administration as well.  I am also well versed in APIs, SSO, Telephony, custom programs and troubleshooting them.  Strong knowledge of applications and server end administration and interfaces with them in many environments.  I can also balance a general ledger, roll out new programs and handle all aspects of financing.  I am familiar with many ticket systems from Jira to Trackit.  I have the ITIL Foundations Certification and have worked within an agile / scrum, ITSM environment.


I would love to be a part of helping to drive the vision forward with the team.  My availability is mostly weekends and later evening times during the week.  I am in the EST timezone.


Please reach out to me if I can be of any assistance with my well rounded skill set.  I have done just about every kind of work and / or learned it over the years to improve my understanding to deliver exceptional results.


Thank you for your time and again, thank you for putting the effort into this game!  We all appreciate it so much!


@mistress of the nite

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Hi, I'm Bill.  I have 35 years' experience in information technology.  My specialties are database design, engineering, software development, and general troubleshooting (hardware and software) all the way down to the OS subroutines.  Systems analysis.  Program Management.  Creative problem solver.

I have worked at many enterprises, including Wal*Mart HQ, K*Mart (before it started dying), JC Penney, Sears, and others.  I received two 'Best Consultant of the Year' awards at Informix Software before it was purchased by IBM Corporation.

Programming languages include (god help me) COBOL, C++, 4GL, Linux/Unix command shells and Perl.  I learn software languages very, very quickly.

I also specialize in turning crappy, spaghetti code into understandable, well-documented software that uses proper coding techniques.  I also write outstanding software documentation.  The CoH software appears to be a top-down distributed software design; I'm familiar with that software concept, having worked with it for many years.


When you're ready, I'm here.

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Discord tag: bloodnok#1855

Applicable skills: Pedantry, ability to drive git

Availability & time zone: Limited, but I work a 4-day week. UTC.

What you would be interested in working on: I am a regular contributor to the "Report Typos" thread here. I would be delighted to be fixing them, not just finding them - not just as they are reported, but by (eg) systematically grepping for common errors. I don't know if it counts as a qualification, but I did maintain a list of typos back on live good enough that on one occasion War Witch fixed all the easy ones.

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Howdy, my name is Will but my friends call me Leone. I'm a Sophomore in college studying for a Bachelor's in Music Technology. My Discord tag is Will4erd#4936. I use Ableton Live 10 to mix and master my music and I use Audacity to edit and layer sounds to make accurate sound effects. I'm available Mostly on the weekends but also some weekdays EST time. CoH was my childhood dream game, It would be an honor to contribute to the future of such an excellent relic of video game history. I've worked on a small community made MMORPG years ago called Legends of Equestria.  I love what I do and I love to work together with others. Easiest way to get hold of me is through discord, otherwise email me at [email protected] 




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On 5/31/2019 at 12:36 AM, Cipher said:
  • Your Discord tag: hyena#8739
  • Applicable skills: Creative writer with three published books and a graphic novel under my belt. Very familiar with the lore (but not extremly, haven't read all of the AMAs) 30+ years of experience with tabletob GMing, writing adventures and creating settings.
  • Availability & time zone: EU timezone, completely random when I'm awake, can be available anytime if given advance notice (self-employed so I own my time myself)
  • What you would be interested in working on: New storyarcs and NPCs, have ideas for longranging arcs in the style of the Protean one. Also happy to do any other kind of creative writing needed (badges, mission, dialogue, whatever). Doing live RP events




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  • Your Discord tag: Watcher#7802
  • Applicable skills: Creative writer with extensive experience in superhero lore. Collector of comic books since a child, have read thousands at this point of superhero stories. Serious investment in this superhero comic writing business. Was an editor of Erfworld. Extensive experience with writing and story.
  • Availability & time zone: NA timezone, east coast, available during the day generally.
  • What you would be interested in working on: New story arcs and NPCS, generating challenging content and niche content, providing stories for those stories untold.

    I would love to speak with someone directly to demonstrate some of my ideas.
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Furry Animal#7004


I would enjoy helping to create story content that follows and expands on COH canon. I have been a comic book publisher for several years, and feel I could contribute to the fabric of the game. NPC creation, mission arcs, or backstory work could fall within my skillset. I'm happy to help if I can!

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On 5/30/2019 at 4:36 PM, Cipher said:
  • Your Discord tag - Cutter#1175
  • Applicable skills - 11 years as a technical writer/editor. Casual creative writer.
  • Availability & time zone - NA Mountain, available randomly during the day (the joy of WFH), and most evenings.
  • What you would be interested in working on - Cleaning up all the typos and grammatical hiccups littered throughout the game! Contact dialogue, mission text, tooltips, you name it.




So many alts, so little time...

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On 5/30/2019 at 5:36 PM, Cipher said:
  • Your Discord tag: theonlyseemus#4085
  • Applicable skills (see below): Creative writing, story/lore management, detail-oriented journalism professional who friggin' loves this game; build knowledge, theorycrafting content and way, way more passion for the supers genre than is thought possible [See my Starfire wall in my office].
    • Former Mayor of Pinnacle Server (2006-2008)
    • Winter Lord baby, debt-capped Energy/Energy Blaster from i3-i5
  • Availability & time zone: Any (WFH), Central Daylight Time
  • What you would be interested in working on: Writing missions/TFs, editing existing copy (story, UI, NPC text, pretty much anything), community management



We're currently looking at people who:

  • Are creative writers familiar with the City of Heroes lore and backstory


@Aurora Girl - Excelsior - BSOD
 Aurora Girl  (Blaster)- Energy/Atomic, Queen of Faceplants and former Mayor of Pinnacle Server  Straye  (Brute)- Savage/SR, Survivor of +4 ITF Nictus Crystals and Bobcat's Bane  Aurora Snow  (Corruptor) - Ice/Cold, AV Humiliator  Terraflux  (Controller) - Earth/Rad, Bass Exploder  Spynerette  (Arachnos Soldier) - Night Widow, Super Spy of Sneakiness and Stabbing  Snowberrie  (Tank) - Ice/Spines, Disco Ball and Lady of Winter

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On 5/30/2019 at 4:36 PM, Cipher said:

When replying to this thread, please include the following information:

  • Your Discord tag - betsumei#1864
  • Applicable skills (see below)
  • Availability & time zone - Mountain Time Zone, I don't have a day job so basically when I'm awake (which is usually North America daytime lately) and not doing groceries or something
  • What you would be interested in working on - Adding new story arcs, expanding or adjusting existing ones (like adding Rogue options to Paragon City tip missions and Vigilante options to Rogue Isles tips, or making pre-VEAT redside story arcs stop assuming you're not part of Arachnos), proofreading existing content (including just reading all the existing scripts/string definitions, it'd take a while, sure, but I don't care)

We're currently looking at people who:

  • Are creative writers familiar with the City of Heroes lore and backstory - waaaaay too much time spent on the wiki
  • Familiar enough with code/scripting to pick up whatever CoH uses for mission scripts (probably cutscenes, too, but I don't want to sound overconfident on that as I've heard it's a bit of a mess)


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