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Customization for enhancement-granted power effects?

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I'm really enjoying all the new customization options for power pools, inherents, stances, etc.  I was wondering how feasible it might be to provide customization options for powers that are granted by enhancements?

For example, the 48?cb=20120809043950  Lockdown: Chance for +2 Mag Hold enhancement, when it procs, causes the target to be enveloped in the default purple electric hold animation.  It would be neat if there were a way to customize the colors or style of this as well.


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I imagine now that some inherent and temp powers are available to customise, that enhancement 'powers' might also be able to receive the same treatment, right?

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Even if the choices were just "Lockdown's lightning sphere," OR, "No Added Fx" would be fine by me.  I don't need to be able to choose a new graphic, just the ability to decline the proc graphic would be plenty good for me. I mean, i'd see it as very very low priority.  "Sort Your Socks" and "Dust the Living Room" come long before this. 


But it *would* be nice. 

Thematically, it's always a bit odd when my Assault Rifle/Ignite sprays fire and put.... icicles? around people's feet, because Frozen Blast proc'd.

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