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May the Fouth - Star Wars: The Bad Batch

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And that means Star Wars: The Bad Batch, aka The Continuing Saga of the Clone Wars, is set to appear!


I'm mightily stoked!  More so knowing the Ming-Na Wen (Mulan, Agents of SHIELD, The Mandalorian) will be part of the cast. 

Dee Bradley Baker is going to do a phenomenal job with the roles, I'm sure.

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Just saw the first episode of The Bad Batch, and it did not disappoint!  Graphics are improved yet again, this time over season 7 of the Clone Wars. 




Most thoughts center around Omega.  I suspect she is going to be the "baby Yoda" of this series, revealing more and more as she goes.


I suspect she's one of two things:  an empath/psi, or an early attempt to create a force wielder.   One thing I'm pretty sure about is that she's not is an "accident" like her Bad Batch "brothers".  That she remained physically close to the Kaminoans, even that she's a girl (XX chromosomes) suggests to me that she's not an accident, but a deliberate manipulation of the DNA.  Toward what end is the big question.  


I'm not sure her surprise shooting skills are from training.  I suspect her contact with Crosshairs in the prison cell may have allowed her empathic duplication of his marksmanship.  Likewise the outrage and fight-picking in the mess hall might have been her proximity (across the table) from Wrecker, for whom such actions are natural.  Notice when she was seated in the cockpit at the end that she was close-up observing Tech's flight movements.  She may just be the Star Wars equivalent to Marvel's Taskmaster, or Firefly's River Tam.


Nala Se's actions in preventing the Bad Batch from being trapped, might have been more about getting Omega away from Kamino, specifically away from Tarkin's observant eye. 


One thought on Crosshairs:  at some point, win or lose, the Batch is going to have to make an effort to nab Crosshairs and remove or destroy his control chip.  That may be a moment where Rex and Ahsoka come in as they know more than most in this regard.  In fact, it might be the moment those two part company for years.


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10 hours ago, Mr. Vee said:

One a week. First was good but rather long for animated, not sure how long future eps will be.


What Vee said. 😉


I think I heard successive episodes will be 1/2 hour each, though perhaps the series/season finale will be longer.  The next one will drop this Friday.  They did the hour-long one for Star Wars Day, otherwise it probably would have dropped last Friday.

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Episode 2 is out and it was good to see the return of a favorite SW monster of mine, as well as the return of ____________ .



So, glad to have a representative of the Nexu back.  Terrifying critters.  What gets me in regard to this one is two-fold:

1. Fence or no fence, why haven't they killed the crazy thing?  Seriously, warning it off with stun shots only delays it in figuring out how to get itself a kids meal.

2. Why didn't the parents take a moment to warn Omega?


Despite the lack of host warning duties, it's great to have Cut and his adopted family back.   Kind of surprised that it never sunk into him that Omega is not just a clone variant, but is actually his kid sister, and for that matter, the same for the Bad Batch. 


I'm loving, so far, how they're handling Omega in the writing.  The mistakes she makes mostly don't feel forced, but the natural outcome of a kid so sequestered that she doesn't really know basic life.  The scene with her overwhelmed with wonder at sunshine, fresh air, and dirt, of all things, was just precious, and actually had me thinking of all that I take for granted.  That's a pretty amazing bit of composition.


One criticism is of the character Tech.  There's only so many times where he can get away with saying "I thought it was obvious."  Lack of critical communication seems to be his major problem.  I hope that isn't foreshadowing.


Second criticism is of the portrayal of Echo.  He needs to be seen as more useful.  At the moment he seems more of an inferior redundancy to Tech, and that scene where he can't hack the ship boot was a little far fetched, considering all that he's supposed to be capable of.  At least he did manage to open the chip storage door quickly, but that's small potatoes compared to the rest of the team.


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1 hour ago, Mr. Vee said:

I thought the second ep was a huge fall-off from the first, but then I think kids ruin everything.



(Skywalker's kid, Skywalker's grandkid, Palpatine's grandkid...the man has some experience with this point.)

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Episode 3 is out and it's like a yin yang relationship:  really wholesome and uplifting paired with some of the darkest stuff in animated Star Wars.



Omega is really becoming a favorite of mine.  Usually when I see a kid in a big sci-fi product, the character is mishandled: either uber-smart geek or just outright annoying (or both).  Omega is much closer to what I remember of my nieces from around her (perceived) age. 


That said, I didn't much care for the whole crash land story.  It was kind of dull and formulaic.  It did serve a few purposes though:

1. Showed Omega on her own using her wits rather than a blaster.  I suspect this is going to become important later in the series.

2. Showed real consequences of the Batch on the run: limited ration, and a reducing stock of spare parts.  If they're smart (and so far they have been), the writers will have at least one episode where the crew has to undertake some sketchy stuff to restock what's been missing or lost.

3. Wrecker's headache, and its curious disappearance without comment later.  Where he held his head is pretty telling.  I suspect this also is going to be important later.

4. Tech once again failing to fill in important details for the others.  While this may just be a character flaw the writers like to harp upon, I can easily see it becoming an important plot point later in the series.

5. The establishment of "quarters" for Omega.  I found it interesting that what is left unsaid is that Crosshair's sleeping quarters could have been used.  Sometimes trying to guess the "negative space" in writer's intent is tricky, but it's like the writers are having the free Bachers acknowledging that they may find a way to bring Crosshairs back, and they can't let Omega use his bunk as a result.


On the flip side, we've got Crosshairs, Tarken, and Rampart.

I get the impression that repeated treatments applied to Crosshairs' inhibitor chip might be doing more than the Empire thinks.  Not sure if that is driving him to an even darker place where the Empire itself might blanch at the results, or if parts of his free will are slowly waking, leaving him with a sullen 1,000-yard stare when off duty.


Rampart's efforts seem to be with elites at the moment, although he's suggested general training with seasoned clones as the leaders.  While I'm not sure its going there, we may be seeing the beginnings of the first Death Troopers.  It is said the first ones were not machines, but people (and presumably humans, given the Empire's distaste of anything not human).


The Kaminoans:

Apparently need to acquire a single clone to perfect the next stage of getting every last bit from the Jango Fett DNA.  That suggests to me getting hold of clone zero, the clone with the least deviance from Jango.  That in turn suggests Boba Fett, who was part of his father's payment by the Kaminoans.  It might make sense that he'd be the first successful Fett clone created as an early down payment to Jango.  If it is him, that's interesting, because we already know we're going to see Ming-Na Wen's character, Fennec Shan.  We may be in for an early introduction between Boba and Fennec, and a reason why he decided it worth his while to save her life on Tattooine.



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