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image.png.52c5ce14c6dbca557395e666c7499417.png PROTECTOR

The protector is a highly adaptive defensive archetype, ready to lead the charge into the fray while defending both his allies and himself. The Protector's primary focus is shielding the team, and can adjust his approach to combat to better coordinate with his allies.


Primary: Protection

Secondary: Assault

Ancillaries: Control & Ranged AoE


Survivability: 7

Melee Damage: 4

Ranged Damage: 4

Crowd Control: 3

Support: 7

Pets: 2


Inherent: Unity - When a Protector is nearby his allies, he will receive a scaling endurance discount on all of his protective auras. The more allies that are nearby the greater this discount will be. In addition, depending on what archetypes his nearby allies are, he will receive an Accuracy and ToHit buff for his ranged or melee powers. (Melee - Scrapper, Stalker, Tanker, Brute, Warden. Ranged - Defender, Corruptor, Controller, Mastermind, Sentinel. Melee & Ranged - Protector, Blaster, Dominator, Peacebringer, Warshade, Arachnos Soldier, Arachnos Widow)


Powerset: Protection


1 - AoE Armor toggle: This initial power acts much like an Armor power, but also grants the armor to nearby allies as well. Typically a resistance/defense power for smashing and lethal.

2 - Autopower: A simple autopower that will act as a baseline protection for the player. It could be as simple as a resistance power, or a +MaxHP power as seen in armor powersets. 

3 - AoE Heal, Buff or Debuff: Similar to support sets like Empathy, Pain, Thermal and so on... a simple AoE Heal power or similar effect helps keep both you and your allies alive.

4 - Second AoE Armor toggle: Just as above, filling in resistance/defense power for fire, cold, energy and negative.

5 - AoE Damage/Debuff Power: Much like many armor and manipulation sets, having access to an AoE damage or debuff power helps keep on the pressure.

6 - AoE Mez Protection: A Click power that grants mez protection to yourself and nearby allies for a short while, definitely needed to keep the fight going.

7 - Self Heal/Buff: A little more in the way of personal survival could do well here, allowing you to keep yourself alive so you can continue to support your allies.

8 - AoE Debuff Power: Like before, another debuff power would do wonders to keep the enemy at bay, ensuring that you and your teammates have an easier time in the fight.

9 - AoE Mega Buff/Debuff: As the capstone ability of this powerset, something with high power and long cooldown is likely best here, whether it's a buff or debuff.




Fiery Protection

ThermalRadiation FireShield.png - Flame Ward: A hybridisation of Fire Shield and Thermal Shield

FlamingShield TemperatureProtection.png - Temperature Protection: Same power that belongs to Fiery Aura

ThermalRadiation Warmth.png - Warmth: Same power that belongs to Thermal Radiation

FlamingShield FieryAura.png - Blazing Aura: Same power that belongs to Fiery Aura

ThermalRadiation PlasmaShield.png - Plasma Ward: A hybridisation of both forms of Plasma Shield

ThermalRadiation Thaw.png - Thawing Heat: A PBAoE version of Thaw

FlamingShield HealingFlames.png - Healing Flames: Same power that belongs to Fiery Aura

FlamingShield Consume.png - Consume: Same power that belongs to Fiery Aura

ThermalRadiation MeltArmor.png - Melting Blast: A PBAoE version of Melt Armor


Icy Protection

ColdDomination IceShield.png - Ice Ward: A hybridisation of Ice Shield and Frozen Armor

IceArmor Permafrost.png - Permafrost: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor

IceArmor ChillingEmbrace.png - Chilling Embrace: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor

IceArmor Icicles.png - Icicles: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor

ColdDomination Glaciate.png - Glacial Ward: A hybridisation of Glacial Shield and Glacial Armor

IceArmor WetIce.png - Black Ice: A PBAoE version of Wet Ice

IceArmor HP.png - Hoarfrost: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor

IceArmor EnergyAbsorption.png - Energy Absorption: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor

ColdDomination HeatLoss.png - Heat Drop: A PBAoE version of Heat Loss



image.png.63c48bfaf436672a1d20e28be0c446d7.png WARDEN

The Warden is an expert at close ranged crowd control, able to enter the fray and take on the worst of the assault. While the Warden lacks in damage, he is capable of locking down multiple foes and keep them from escaping


Primary: Defense

Secondary: Grapple

Ancillaries: Ranged & Debuff


Survivability: 10

Melee Damage: 6

Ranged Damage: 2

Crowd Control: 6

Support: 3

Pets: 2


Inherent: Lockdown - The Warden is a crowd controlling powerhouse. The more enemies surrounding the Warden, the greater the capacity of his crowd control powers; cones will be wider, spheres larger, and chains reaching further away. When there are fewer enemies surrounding the Warden, he will instead receive an increase to the accuracy and magnitude of his crowd control abilities.


Powerset: Grapple


1 - Melee Stun/Sleep/Immobilize/Fear: The initial power in this type of powerset is a melee verison of a typical single target mez effect, most commonly and immobilize or stun, but sometimes a fear or sleep effect.

2 - Melee: The secondary power in these powersets is a basic attack power. Most of these can be borrowed from existing melee powersets and would act as a damage focused power.
3 - Melee Cone/Chain: A little AoE potential added to the mix in order to ensure that the Warden can aggro enough enemies to pull into a close enough proximity, ready to deliver his mez powers.
4 - AoE Taunt: An AoE taunt not unlike Tankers and Brutes, allowing the Warden more control over the mob and making it easier to herd them into a close group.
5 - Power Build Up: A variation of the standard Build Up power that also increases the effectiveness of seocndary effects, such as mez, buff and debuff, for a short duration.
6 - AoE Melee: Some more AoE potential in order to properly handle the larger mobs the Warden may face, while ensuring that he retains the aggro of a group.
7 - Melee Hold: A simple hold power that is delivered at melee range, allowing the Warden to completely contain the threat of one particular enemy while he deals with the rest of the mob.
8 - AoE Stun/Sleep/Immobilize/Fear: An AoE version of the powerset's initial power, allowing the Warden to contain a large mob and prevent them from escaping.
9 - AoE Hold: The Warden's capstone power, allowing him to potentially lock down a large mob and prevent them from being able to fight back, ensuring that he can better focus on more imposing targets nearby.




Fiery Grapple
FireTrap RingOfFire.png - Singe: A melee version of Ring of Fire

FieryFray TargetedLightMelee.png - Scorch: Same power that belongs to Fiery Melee
FieryFray BreathingFire.png - Breath of Fire: Same power that belongs to Fiery Melee
FieryFray WillOWisp.png - Taunt: Same power that belongs to Fiery Melee
FieryFray FollowUp.png - Power Build Up: Standard boost power for the set
FireAssault Combustion.png - Combustion: Same power that belongs to Fire Manipulation
FireTrap Soot.png - Smog Strike: A melee version of Char
FireTrap FireCage.png - Inferno: A melee version of Fire Cages
FireTrap Cinders.png - Cinders: Same power that belongs to Fire Control


Icy Grapple
IceFormation Chillblains.png - Snowplow: A melee version of Chilblain

IcyOnslaught FrozenFist.png - Frozen Fists: Same power that belongs to Ice Melee
IcyOnslaught Frost.png - Frost: Same power that belongs to Ice Melee
IcyOnslaught Taunt.png - Taunt: Same power that belongs to Ice Melee
IcyOnslaught FollowUp.png - Power Build Up: Standard boost power for the set
IcyOnslaught IcePatch.png - Ice Patch: Same power that belongs to Ice Melee
IcyOnslaught FreezingTouch.png - Freezing Touch: Same power that belongs to Ice Melee
IceFormation FrostBite.png - Creeping Ice: A melee version of Frostbite
IceFormation Glacier.png - Glacier: Same power that belongs to Ice Control



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