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Hey, everyone. I'm a longtime player of COH, both on live and on homecoming (Virtue/Everlasting represent!), and I've got something exciting to share with you. I've always loved superheroes and comics, and the roleplaying in COH inspired me to finally start creating stories inspired from the fun I've had with you all. 

So here's the beginning of a new comic book series: The Adventures of Omega Girl






You may have seen Omega Girl (played by my collaborator) in-game. Now, you can follow her adventures in Angel City as she fights the forces of JACKAL and anything else that threatens the innocent. This graceful paragon of justice fights the forces of evil with strength and courage, a beacon of hope who offers a better way to the future, even for the villains she faces. 

Buy a print of PDF copy on Indyplanet today! More issues to follow this year!

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Check out The Adventures of Omega Girl on Indyplanet for classic superhero action!


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