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Winter Packs vs Hero/Villain Packs

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So, noticed I still had 100 winters and 100 rogue packs on one of my characters. Given that Luna was open for business with the anniversary badges, I thought I'd unpack these and put them to good use for a future badger. I should have my head examined. Once/if the nemesis event happens, I'll have 4 characters with ALL the badges, and another 5 characters that are between 600 and 1215. I'm not feeling particularly enthused about badging now, but I get that way after I've finished one, and I recently did. I expect the mood will pass. So..1600 reward merits for a new level 1. There's only so many explores of a zone I'll feel like in a day, or even in the rest of the month. 

I have options. I could piss away 1 million inf for a reward merit. Yeah...1.6B for 1600 reward merits. Right. As former President Bush would say, "Not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent at this juncture". (I may be plagiarizing from a memory of a Saturday Night Live skit, I dunno)

To me, seems easier to open these packs up. And since no man is an island, or even a peninsula, I figured I would share the results. 

I could have written down everything - but all I was counting was merits. Others have made the everything analysis before me. (and I've done so before, too, and posted those results already) 
So why post this here after all that? More data, I guess. 


Rogue              Reward Merits                      Winter               Reward Merits  
Packs 1-10                          175     Packs 1-10                      75.00  
 Packs 11-20                           100      Packs 11-20                       75.00  
 Packs 21-30                           125      Packs 21-30                     125.00  
 Packs 31-40                           175      Packs 31-40                     100.00  
 Packs 41-50                           100      Packs 41-50                              -    
 Packs 51-60                             50      Packs 51-60                     150.00  
 Packs 61-70                           175      Packs 61-70                     175.00  
 Packs 71-80                             75      Packs 71-80                     200.00  
 Packs 81-90                             50      Packs 81-90                       25.00  
 Packs 91-100                             75      Packs 91-100                     125.00  
 Average    11 Reward Merits per pack       10.5 Merits per pack 



So, interesting, right? 
Conclusion - stick with hero/rogue packs for more consistency. Definitely stick with hero/Villain packs if you'd have to pay full price for winters. 


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Opening lots of any kind of pack is a bit of a godsend for altoholics because everything gets jammed into Character Items, which you can then access at any time on any character on that account, even in an instance.


Some things it is great for:

Unslotters -- you will never run out of these, ever.  So if you need one or two, just grab them and don't bother with the AH.

Catalysts -- you don't need these at all until you ding 50, then you need a bunch of them, then you earn one a day forever.  Again, save yourself the effort of buying a block of 20.

Boosters -- just like catalysts, only probably less necessary.

Inspirations -- I find these next to useless AH-wise, but if you are soloing an AV on your level 15 controller, you can keep drawing down on these during a mission.

Respecs -- again, you will never run out.  Respec early, respec often.

Revival Temp power -- the equivalent of emailing yourself a wakie.


and merits, glorious merits.  I also just used a bunch of these to get all the anniversary badges on a character, but I mostly use them if I need converters on an alt and don't want to wait for my target price (which is dropping daily) to fill.  I try to keep a reserve of about 10k handy

Who run Bartertown?


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Don't forget Amplifiers -- great to use on higher-level alts that need those last few levels, but they're (relatively) expensive to buy from P2W by then. Or the Experienced temp powers, which also help speed up getting Veteran levels for Emps and Threads.

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