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It's time to develop the Shadow Shard Zones!

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It's time for another mandatory suggestion on how to "fix" the Shadow Shard Zones!


My suggestion is broken down into various stages that the developers can implement one at a time as they have the time, instead of having to do everything all at once. The idea behind this is to make things easier for the devs to implement, although the standard code rant applies.


1) Make zones available to characters of all alignments. So PvE co-op zone.


2) Raise the level of the enemies in the outer ring of the Chantry/Storm Palace to 50-54.


3) Add scanner/newspaper missions to the zones. Level 40-50+, including all enemies in that level range. This allows people to encounter enemies they've never seen before (like Council America) without the devs having to create new enemy factions.

A) Rescue a patrol mission. Hostages are soldiers they do not need to be lead out.

B) Rescue a named NPC mission. They do need to be lead out, ambushes may happen.

C) Boss kill mission.

D) Recover mcguffin. Click glowies, optional boss.

E) Gather Kora Fruit for the refugees. And kill enemies while you're at it.

F) Clear out a hidden base. Kill most, plus an optional boss.

G) <Hero Name> needs backup. Rescue hero (optional) and boss kill.


4) Because of the distance between mission doors add an NPC just inside the entrance that can train and is also a vendor. Bonus points if they can also add P2W vendor and Null the Gull functions to this vendor.


5) Add a capstone mission that opens up every 3-5 missions, just like the safeguard/bank missions do in the normal hero/villain zones.

A) Raid an enemy base. Boss kill with optional glowie that awards a temp power to whoever clicks it, just like the weapons deal side-missions in Safeguards.


6) Add more mission doors to the zone. One easy way to do this may be to just have a hidden door in one of the many bushes on the various floating rocks. The mission door wouldn't even need an art asset, just the base of the plant itself.


7) Add level 50+ story arcs to the zones.


Additional suggestions, tweaks, criticisms welcome! My only request is that if you don't like all or part of my suggestion, or if you just think I'm an idiot, please explain why.

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Being constantly offended doesn't mean you're right, it just means you're too narcissistic to tolerate opinions different than your own.

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I'm all for 1, 2, 3, and some of 5.


The rest is very "Meh". Particularly number 7.


Rularuu is something we should only really get back to if and when the current devs bring the Battalion down on our heads as we unleash him on our enemies.


As to 5, I feel like the capstone mission should be a more general "Bank Mission" style where you're trying to save a bunch of refugees from a Natterling attack or whatever. Then separate side-missions around the refugee camp itself where you're fighting Nemesis, recovering Kora Fruit, or other similar stuff.

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3 is already mostly implemented (there's a bunch of fully repeatable contacts in FBZ & Cascades, at least).  Adding 5's rewards to their rotation would be a great addition. 


As far as 6 goes, I'd much rather they added additional mole points, especially to The Chantry and The Storm Palace (where there aren't any mole points).  These could very easily have contacts with the new mission types - including fending off other dimensions' explorations into the Shard (like Council America), as well as allowing for further development into the Shard's story.


For 4 though?  The Shards are Hazard zones, so I don't see Portal Corp. having the resources to send that many trainers out into the Shard.  Maybe trainers/vendors in the various mole points though.

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9 hours ago, Starforge said:

I'm all in on more 50+ story arcs in the Shard. My only request is that they aren't nearly as long as the Dr. Quaterfield Task Force.

What's wrong? You don't like spending 12 hours doing a Task Force?  😁

Being constantly offended doesn't mean you're right, it just means you're too narcissistic to tolerate opinions different than your own.

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