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I have a whole series of suggestions for Assualt Rifle in general but here's one for ignite. 


First, Ignite sucks. The cast time buff doesn't help it. The aoe is tiny, the dot takes forever, it's clunky to use, it slows teams down, and when enemies get feared by it they become a pain in the ass to chase down. 


Second, AR doesn't have a cool flashy nuke. Full Auto still needs work but at least it's a functional power, unlike Ignite. 


Solution: Swap Ignite and Full Auto. Replace everything about ignite and make it a clone of thr Assault Bot's incendiary missiles attack. That's right, make it a huge, flashy, massive AOE. The benefit now is AR has a cool nuke and Ignite doesn't suck anymore.


And yeah enemies will try to flee just like they do with current ignite, but with a huge AOE you're going to to have a much easier time keeping enemies inside the general area for much longer. 

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You have every right to make these suggestions and to try to sway the devs to your point of view.


That said.

  • I oppose every change you propose here, and am quite happy with AR as it exists right now. 
  • Not every powerset needs to be a roving speedclear murderball set. 
  • Ignite does right fine as a power when you combine it with some way to limit mobs ability to move. Immob's from your secondary or from Frozen Blast Proc, Slow effects, Knockdown to the keep them in the fire, or Knockback as long as you have the pinned into a corner before you spray fire. 
  • The powerset is Assault Rifle. Full Auto makes perfect sense as a nuke.
  • If you want a big flashy weapon-based WHOMP there's always Munitions Mastery/LRM Rocket
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