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So, very recently I discovered the joys of base building, and lost a few decades/hours as the game turned into The Sims and I got lost. It's a lot of fun, but when I was all done I looked upon my base and discovered that it's kind of a mess. Can I like, get the help of an interior decorator? Can anyone look at my base with a critical eye, either in-game as I invite them to my base, or here as I show them pictures, and give me some ideas or pointers? Is that a thing that we do here?


(Also, have a look at my base entrance, since that's the 'strongest' part of it art-wise. I really wanted to make a place that felt like V's home from V For Vendetta, very lived in, cozy and classy. Not sure I achieved any of those, but the entrance looks cool at least.)





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@LikeRacerX well I don't know how busy she is but @Dacy is amazing with bases and

a very helpful person to boot. I learned a bunch watching her videos. I'll ping her if this @ doesn't

get her attention. Otherwise there is also a section of the forums specifically for basebuilding. It's here.


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Like the Costume Creator? Enjoy a challenge? Love to WIN?

You really should've clicked here before 6pm on Sunday the 18th!



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Okay, had a moment. Here is a link to my  Discord server, if you're on Discord, and there is also a HC base building topic that is quite nice. https://discord.gg/2QkPXjmD


Also, in game, /chanjoin Base Builders Inc (I think that's right...) or give me  your global and I'll invite you.


There are a lot of people in all of those areas very willing to come in and give opinions on your base. I do recommend getting a few, so you can pick and choose those which appeal most to you. Critiques are basically just another person's interpretation of your vision, and it's important that it be true to your vision, so sort out which critique appeals to you according to what you're going for. 🙂 Sometimes critique can feel like criticism, so, before ANYTHING is said about anything, I wanted to put that out there, that no matter how things are said by whomever, and some are more tactful than others, please remember that it's not anything against what you've done or your talent, it's just their vision or interpretation of what they think works, which you are free to agree or disagree with. 🙂 (As you may have guessed, some issues along these lines have arisen from time to time, and I like to avoid wounded feelings if possible. Art can feel like a personal extension of yourself, so, criticism can be tough to hear at times, and I totally get that.)


Welcome to base building! 😄


Feel free to global me, my in game is also @Dacy.



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