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Shifting power trays after a Build change

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My power tray is set to have the 3 trays exposed. I loaded a character and switched builds. As the powers were recharging from the switch, the top tray began to shift down, covering up the tray below it. I tried stopping or resetting it by clicking on the triangle control used to expose/hide the trays, but the control was not responding to my clicks. At one point they all reset to the same tray number and I was finally able to capture a screenshot...


You can see here how the top tray is shifted down over the two below it. After a while, maybe a minute or two, everything reset and the trays were in their proper position.

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Not quite the same thing, but I have had my Nav window slowly slide to the right a number of times. I keep it top center, and every once in awhile a UI tweak will make it slowwwwwwly slide over to the right edge. The behavior eventually stops. Have never found any fix.

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