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Okay, so back in Live I had a character that was a cosplaying wererat scrapper... so, in live I have a cosplaying vampire blaster.

As a note, while her costumes are inspired by specific people, I do make sure there are several things that are different: her body scales don't change from one costume to the next regardless of whether the character that inspired her costume is tall or short or whatever. Her face and ear set always remains the same (organic armor face with red tinges and vampire ears). And, of course, her powers pretty much never match any of the power/skill sets of the people that inspire her costumes. I'm considering whether I should give her wings even though she's superspeed not flight... just to further note the difference, and in one case I felt the costume was TOO close to something very unique and so I changed hair-style and some other details.

The music is a parody of Barbie Girl and is sung by Bonnie Gordon and Xander Jeanerette, the Library Bards... with a bit of Carameldansen at the end.


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On 8/15/2019 at 11:59 PM, Christopher Robin said:

Gotta add one of my all time favorites here, Stan and Lou. Comedy genius.

Seriously these guys could be their own thread there's so much win in this series.


See for yourself.



"Stan if brains were Super powers your's would be a toggle... cuz it ain't always on." Lol



That was GREAT !

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