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2nd Anniversary Costume Contest: The Results!

GM Kaiju

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Hey everyone! Thank You for the awesome response to the Homecoming 2nd Anniversary costume contest! We had almost 1000 players participate across the shards, and ended up running two contests simultaneously on Excelsior so everyone could attend! Thank you all for helping to celebrate two years of our community!

Now, for the results!


🏆Overall Winner: Synroc from Everlasting!  🏆





Finalists: Prof Skullface, Defcon X, Guardian Sinaptico, Liberty Vanguard

Winner: Synroc




Excelsior 1:

Finalists: Diephoon, Jellyfish, Vile Crypt, Data Wraith

Winner: S0NAR






Excelsior 2:

Finalists: Jia the Dragon Lotus, zomBBQ, Moonwave, Vitamin Sea

Winner: Great Briton






Finalists: KWOF, Doctor Ooze, Doctor Epoxy, Great Gold Dragon

Winner: Hand of Paragon






Finalists: Murder the Penguin, Blue Plasma, Ocean Goddess, Enkou Samurai

Winner: Father Thames






Finalists: Ragepawn, Neon Flair, Industry, Glowcat

Winner: Battle Panda





If you are a winner I will be in touch with you in 24-48 hours - message here, on discord (GM Kaiju) or in game @GM Kaiju if you have questions!


Several large and shady characters crashed the party at the end of the contest, but were quickly put in their place by our resident heroes and villains (and Praetorians)!









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I’d like to note that, on Everlasting at least, there were so many contestants that the renderer dropped half of them for me (and I suspect, many others)!



(not pictured: everybody on the other half of the steps...)

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Is there a dev tool setting that increases or maximizes the render distance/object quantity? I am curious if there is, and if said dev or GM has a powerful enough system, could they manage to get everybody in a contest like this? 


I use /visscale # (where the number ranges from lowest of 1, to highest of 20). Would that help render more players or is that just objects/geometry?

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29 minutes ago, TemporalVileTerror said:

One of the GMs -did- say something to that effect in the Admin channel on Everlasting, @Glacier Peak.  Specifically in regard to the stream that @GM Tempest was doing.

Oh really, cool. I was watching the stream and I thought maybe there was some behind the scenes tools, but I didn't know for sure. Thanks for the heads up!

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I are disappoint.  I got pulled aside after the thing for a finalist pic, but none of the finalists are featured.

I'll just add my own, cause I got my special title today too



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Virtue Shard:

Quick Shot Kid

Liberty Vanguard

Gleaming Spark

Shadow Squirrel

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1 minute ago, krj12 said:

First I heard of this contest,  where is the post?


It was posted in conjuncture to the post about Echo Plaza being made

Virtue Shard:

Quick Shot Kid

Liberty Vanguard

Gleaming Spark

Shadow Squirrel

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Hey look! It's me, Prof Skullface! One of the finalists on Everlasting. 

Synroc is/was amazing. Sonar is incredible - I don't know if I could have chosen between Sonar and Synroc. Please Defcon X - get a pic of yourself here. That was too amazing to not share. I'd love to see all of the finalists too. 
And Liberty Vanguard - I didn't even see you that day. But that is a fantastic get-up. It's totally inspired me for my next one 🙂

Prof Skullface.png

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1 hour ago, nordicon said:

Who were the judges what was the scoring criteria? Why did you pick the ones you did?


Make it more like the Olympics and grade their back story as well.


The GM's were the judges, the criteria was based on the theme for the contest. You are new around here, aren't you? It would have taken them longer to go through each bio on Everlasting with the contestants AND costume judging, so no. I don't think so. If they were getting paid to GM here, then that might be up for suggestion but it's not. They donate their time to do things like this, the very least you could do is allow them their freedom of choice and participation.

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