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Mechanical keyboard question

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Question for those more familiar with mechanical keyboards than I am. I bought my first mechanical, "gaming" keyboard about a year ago. It has the red switches, and that is what my question is about.


My keyboard is the Redragon brand, a pretty inexpensive maker. Included with the keyboard were four spare switches. I have since used up all of the spares replacing switches that went bad. The very first one I had to replace was the "W" key, obviously a less-than-ideal key to have go bad on a gaming keyboard. I've since had to also replace the 2, 3, and 4 key switches.


So first, I have to ask: Is it "normal" for mechanical key switches to fail so quickly?


Second, I was under the impression that mechanical key switches were sort of a standardized, "commodity" part, and should be interchangeable. So I bought a box of replacement switches to have ready for future repairs, and discovered that they are too big by just a hair, and won't fit into the sockets on my keyboard. Was I mistaken about them being standardized? Am I going to have to try to track down replacements switches the same brand as my keyboard?


Aside from these switch failures, I like the keyboard.

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Good mechanical switches are good for tens of thousands of presses at a minimum, and more likely to run over one hundred thousand click cycles than not. I'm surprised in only one year you've had to replace *ANY* switches, let alone four. I believe Techwright is correct, and that you have some clones of the good stuff rather than the preferred Cherry switches. I also am by no means an expert but have used numerous Cherry-switch based mechanical keyboards for years and years, including the keyboards I gave both of my sons for their computers 4+ years ago. I have yet to need a switch replacement on any of them. Not going to suggest you throw away your keyboard today, but long-term it might be beneficial to replace your current one with a higher-end keyboard for comfort and longevity.

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I also have a Redragon keyboard.  I've had it about 1/2 a year now and it is still going strong on the OG keys and switches.  I think I did the "brown" switches, if that matters at all.

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slightly off topic, but i actually much prefer the old style buckling spring/model M type keyboards over the newfangled mechanical "gaming keyboards" people sell today.. 

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