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Questions on slotting ??

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I just hit lvl 24, and i'm curious if i should slot SO's or IO's at level 27?  and which would be cheaper ?? i have 52 million to play with.  Also, if i should slot with IO's, what IO's would be good for a Kin/Energy defender ??

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I generally slot Generic IOs at 27, they cost a little more than SOs, but you don't need to upgrade them, so it evens out pretty quickly



What this team needs is more Defenders

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I don't bother with enhancements at all until about level 20, and then I start buying attuned versions of my final build set IOs, and filling in the gaps with regular IOs. I like attuned IO sets for exemplaring purposes, but it is handy that you can start buying and using your level-50 IOs early.


I've never done the math on SOs versus IOs, I just hated having all my enhancements shut off if I leveled too fast, so when IOs came along I adopted them and never looked back.

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3 minutes ago, Two Dollar Bill said:

I've never done the math on SOs versus IOs


A level 25 IO is identical in magnitude to SOs, but as you've said, never expires or needs to be replaced. Level 30 and higher IOs are actually better than SOs, to where level 50 IOs are about 25% stronger (an even level SO for damage is 33%, a level 50 damage IO is 42.4%)

In the OP's instance, at level 27, I'd look at slotting level 30 base IOs for everything and buying select attuned, high benefit set uniques. The Base IOs themselves if crafted will run 3-4 million, give or take. Buying Performance Shifter Proc, Numina's regen/recovery, some +3% Def/+5% resist IOs and LotG +Recharges will run 3-8million each. 

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The way I've done it is 27 is the optimal time to buy generic IOs. You can fill in with any procs or set IO's you happen to land  and want to keep as you level up.


This kind of lets you ignore the IO set question for me early on as I almost always have one or two respec's needed later. For instance I might take that level 2 blast power on a defender while leveling and get rid of it as I get more blast powers.


level 1 - 23 is levels for SOs and DOs. and on those I usually only really slot for acc, rech and endurance.

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