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XP tables???

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Does anyone know what the xp rates are for different enemy levels / ranks? (i.e., example math - Minion that is +0 = 1 xp, AV that is +4 = 100xp?)


Reason I am asking is because I was playing (Exemplar down to Level 34) an arc in Ouro that took me to Founders Falls. On my way back to the contact, I saw a Sniper class enemy, Level 38. I defeated it and got 25,632 xp. I saw another Sniper at Level 40, and defeated it, and got 25,632 xp. 


That got me wondering, what are the xp rates?

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2 minutes ago, GraspingVileTerror said:


That's all I've got.  Feels like it might be out of date.  Also, I don't see any indication of how much experience mission rewards, story arcs, and other miscellaneous tasks are supposed to award.


Might be time for the community to join forces and do an updated Experience Table.

Ah! I should've looked on the HC wiki first lol. Thanks!!!

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Okay, I am thinking that those numbers may be based on live like you said. Does anyone know the formula then for the current xp rates? Something like player level, type modifier, level difference, solo or team, = xp amount? If the information isn't readily available, I may have to do what VileTerror recommended and start collecting some data! 

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As far as I can tell, all of the following are used to determine how much EXP a mob gives:

  • The rank of the mob
  • The level of the mob relative to yours
  • How many players are on your team
  • The exact type of mob that it is

That last one is where things get confusing and where you'd have to really dig into the game to find out, because certain mobs have different modifiers based on their type. A Tsoo minion at even con to you doesn't give the same EXP as an equal-level Freakshow minion. I do not envy the person who decides to start collecting data on that.


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