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The /baseedit command

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So I finally founded my own SG for my alts and all the stubborn solo types who just need base assets... and of course disappeared into the base editor for what seemed like two years. :) Fun. Making it free: even more fun.  ;D


But being the bind and command guy, I had to mess with the /editbase command. Here's some notes; takeaways and comments welcome.

  • /editbase only works while in the base. It can be used anywhere, not just in the Entrance Room. Quick shortcut when you want to modify your furthest-away room.
  • /editbase 1 enters base-editing mode from anywhere, but repositions your alt in the Entrance Room. A minor shortcut for those who don't want to jog back to the start to go into edit mode.
  • /editbase 2 goes into isometric plot-view mode... but without editing privileges.
  • /editbase 3 goes into plan plot-view mode... but without editing privileges.
  • Higher numbers respond just like 3.

Not sure what to make of these "features." Maybe 2 and 3 are more useful when starting with an empty plot and allow you to base-build from plot definition; I didn't want to mess up my pretty new layout by trying.


One warning, though: selecting base editing with one or more of these commands seems to have reset my keybinds, or switched them to a base-editing model. (I rebind DEL to clear-chat, for example, and it's used in base editing to, well, delete things.) I'd recommend doing a /bindsavefile before messing with these commands.


Next stop: analyzing and optimizing a base-edit bind set.


Comments welcome.

UPDATED: v4.15 Technical Guide (post 27p7)... 154 pages of comprehensive and validated info on on the nuts and bolts!
ALSO:  GABS Bindfile  ·  WindowScaler  ·  Teleport Guide  ·  and City of Zeroes  all at  www.Shenanigunner.com

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So I don't have to run back to the starting room for the clicky box edit base button: (Have a power bar button slot available)


/macroimage Teleportation_LoyalistMarket "Edit Base" editbase 1


I still go through the menu to exit base edit mode as the button is no longer accessible but it is available everywhere as opposed to the base edit button.

I got tired of running back to the starting room to initiate an edit session.


Click the button and boom! in edit mode.  Page down (Default) to zoom in and I'm building right where I was.

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My experience is that the "/editbase <integer>" command functions like this:


/editbase 0 - exits base edit mode

/editbase 1 - this is the same as clicking "Edit Base"

/editbase 2 - this is the same as clicking "Add Personal Items" (except it appears that it allows you to add pretty much anything)

/editbase 3 - this is the same as clicking "Upgrade Plot" (ie: allows you to alter the maximum footprint of the base)


For me at least, editing privileges are still fully functional.

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