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Hello super admin. When Homecoming first was revealed, I was an early member. I stayed awhile, got distracted with life and other stuff. Recently joined, Rebirth. 


I have Sunrise.


I have searched for the Homecoming manifest url or link to copy and paste into Sunrise.


But, I can not find this. Can you please provide Homecoming manifest. 


Or can I not use Sunrise, and I must use Homecoming Loader?


While awaiting a reply, keep it super.

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Well im not the most expert here, but since no other answered so far.


I nvr heard of "Sunrise" before, i joined HC in November 2019 and since then used either Tequila or the HC Launcher.


Easiest Solution for you at this point would be installing Homecoming Launcher, cause it will be the future, and u have different Launcher for different Server then, makes troubleshooting and knowing on which u currently play for sure easier.



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